From a discussion with Tatianus Lepidus, Colovian Historian

Author: Tatianus Lepidus
Released In:

“It’s no wonder the Empire’s come to this sad state. Shows what happens when you turn away from the Eight, if you ask me. There was a time we stood together as Imperials, Colovian and Nibenese. Now the Nibenese distract themselves with debauchery and worse—Daedra worship.

They’ve forgotten the glory of the Empire, satisfied to bicker over its remnants, and it’ll take us Colovians to put them and all these upstart alliances squabbling over the throne in their place. We will restore order here and in the other unruly provinces by whatever means necessary … as soon as we can agree who to put on the throne. Hundreds of years from now, they will surely look back at this dark time as the only weakness the Empire ever displayed.”

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