Dictionaries and Loremaster’s Archive

December 1, 2018
Written by: Lady Nerevar

Hello fellow scholars! I wanted to let the beautiful artwork and engrossing fiction of our 20th anniversary contest sit at the top of the front page for a while, but I think it’s high time to highlight some of the new things added to the library.

First off, I’ve begun the task of re-organizing and updating our translation dictionary page. The old dictionary (still available for now) was strictly alphabetical, which worked OK when there were few known words. Now, however, most tongues have dozens of words on record and are better grouped by language. As part of the modernization of this section I’ve also reworked the formatting, added more explanatory comments, and added words for which no translations are known. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve gone through and thoroughly sourced every word, linking it to its documentation where possible and always noting whether the translation was provided by a character/developer or if it was extrapolated by fans. An important distinction! 

Four languages are up so far. Ta’agra and Jel still have some missing words, but Kothri and Riekling (which has never before been translated) are complete. 

Other languages are also in progress, and will be added to the library as soon as they reach a presentable state. If you’re aware of any in-game (versus in-book) words missing from the above four, please let us know!

Another big news item was the release of Murkmire. We caught up with the books from the DLC during its preview stage, and have now also added the two Loremasters Archives released alongside it. Both Part 1 and Part 2 are located in the Interview section in the sidebar, and provide tons of interesting details about Black Marsh and its inhabitants. 

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