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Deyanira Katrece


Appeared in: TESL: Battlespire.

She is a Daedra, a minion of Daedric Prince Nocturnal, lives in Shade Perilous. She has companion named Jaciel Morgen.

During the assault of Mehrunes Dagon to Battlespire, Dagon used the Shade Perilous as the staging state. Deyanira Katrece and Jaciel Morgen were trapped. Dagon shattered the magicka flow of the Nocturnal and sealed all the portals in the realm. Jaciel Morgen was forced to hide herself and enter the Dreamsleeve.

In order to escape from Shade Perilous, the hero of Battlespire needed Jaciel Morgen's secret code. She must be awakened. Deyanira Katrece sacrificed herself to make a great shock to Jaciel Morgen. Learning this sacrifice, Jaciel Morgen awakened and let the hero of Battlespire escaped from Shade Perilous.