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Decoded Message from Master Aryon

Master Aryon
Librarian Comment: 

This is the decoded message sent from Master Aryon to Divayth Fyr. The code was broken by Joe Jinis and Nuage from French team Judgehype, so special thanks to them!


To translate the code, use the translation keys:
a = BB, b = BD, c = BH, d = BJ, e = CD, f = CJ, g = DB, h = DH, i = EB, j = ED, k = EH, l = FD, m = FJ, n = GB, o = GH, p = HB, q = HD, r = HJ, s = ID, t = IJ, u = JH, v = AB, w = AD, x = ??, y = EB EB, z = AH

Ignore the 'filler' letter groups, and you get the following message:

To the esteemed Divayth Fyr,

I will be blunt: I need an ally. The traditionalists and crazies have joined together against me. If something is not done, their short sightedness may bring house Telvanni to more direct conflict with Redoran, Indoril, Hlaalu and even the Empire! Surely you can predict the Empire's collapse as well as I... We should work together to save our house. You could claim a position on the council by merly asking. Even Gothren and Neloth must admit that you are older and wiser and in every way superior to them in the arcane arts.

Your honored student,
Master Aryon