TEST Dawnstar Transcript

Your assignment in the exile post of Dawnstar begins poorly, as glacier tribes are raiding this far northern town. Governor Vinticae informs you that he needs you to find his four champions, one of whom is probably a traitor in league with the tribes. You must survive the rigors of Dawnstar, choose friends carefully, gain enough power to defeat enemies, and restore your good name.

Dawnstar has been beseiged by the Ice Tribes outside its walls, and beset by a traitor within.  The Governor banished his four champions as he could not ferret out the traitor, and has sent for you. Your job is to single out the traitor, and return with the three loyal champions to defend the city. The governor promises much, but has only a paltry 50 gold to give you now. You had best visit the peddlers in Dawnstar and equip yourself for the travels ahead.  Visit Eustacia, a healer with oracular powers… she claims to have information which can aid you on your quest.

Walking around town the Hero of Dawnstar comes across Eustacia.


I can heal your body for free, this the Governor has ordered.  This puzzle of the traitor … I might be able to help you there. My mother was an oracle, and I have some of her sight. Take care when talking to the champions; three are honorable but the traitor will lie for best advantage. I must also warn you that outside these walls is a fearsome creature that has slaughtered any who fight it.  It appears when you rest. Do not fight it, you are not ready. Run.

While exploring outside Dawnstar the Player gets beaten by enemies and finds himself awake in town next to Eustacia


You should feel better now. But with adventurers like you that is always a temporary condition. A scout found you, but not before someone picked over your corpse.  At least you are healthy now.

Talking to Eustacia and the 4 Champions Alhavara, Beatrice, Chung, and Delacroix. you will learn of the following information.(This information changes each playthrough so any of the 4 can be the traitor)

  • Who defended the North, South, East, and West walls. 
  • Who argued or did not argue with the governor during the battle. 
  • Who tried to negotiate a peace with the ice tribes before the battle or had no dealings.
  • Who sought aid from the Emperor or did not.

By crosschecking the information provided by Eustacia with the information provided by the Champions the Hero of Dawnstar is able to determined which one is lying and is the traitor. The Hero of Dawnstar reveals the traitor.

You have identified the traitor. The traitor’s troops know this is their final chance to take the city. You must stop them.

Warning horns sound as the Ice Tribes and their monstrous allies appear at the walls of Dawnstar.  Sheer numbers allow some to slip through the defenses.

You must track down and destroy the interlopers before they become too numerous and overwhelm Dawnstar. For revealing the traitor Governor Cyril Vinticae gives you the Starfrost, a magical frost which focuses the prayers of Dawnstar and the power of elemental winter through the user.  With this power you just might win. To battle!

After fighting off several waves of enemies the Player enters combat with the Gehenoth Thriceborn defeating it in battle.

Creatures and foes pressed around you but you emerged victorious. Weary, you seek Governor Cyril Vinticae to inform him Dawnstar is once again his. The Governor’s thanks is terse, but his gold spends eloquently.  You receive the eager gratitude of a citizenry freed from fear, and 3,000 gold.

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