Darkfall Cave Notes

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

All of these notes were found in Darkfall Cave, and are grouped here so the narrative makes sense.

Darkfall Cave Note

Sister, I know that you’ll come find me, but it will be too late. If you find this letter, get out of this forsaken cave as soon as possible. We were fools to think we could live so close to such creatures and live peacefully.

I should’ve headed back to camp with you after we placed the torches down here. I thought these trolls would be different, that they would somehow understand that we didn’t want to hurt them.

I am now cornered and it’s only a matter of time before one of the trolls decides to finish me off. I hope it is a quick death.

Farewell, my dear sister.

Darkfall Passage Note I

I made it farther than I thought, but I’m afraid I can’t go on. I choose not to.

I am content to die here, in this quiet little room, alone with my thoughts. The creatures won’t follow me here. No more danger. The silence is welcoming.

Darkfall Passage Note II

Strange why the cursed have set up so many traps near this stone barrier.

Going to rest for a bit, not take any chances. They set up those traps for a reason and I’m not about to go rushing in to find out why.

Just going to sit here, regain my strength and possibly try and use the traps to my advantage.

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