Daggerfall 25th anniversary: Reading list

August 31, 2021
Written by: Benefactor

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Daggerfall! To celebrate we have put together a list of links to help you navigate our extensive archive of texts to maximize your research into TES II: Daggerfall.

Daggerfall's books: A list of all available in game books for Daggerfall

Daggerfall's Story: A transcription of the full Daggerfall story from start to finish. 

Major Realms of the Iliac Bay: A guide to the realms of the Iliac Bay during and after the events of Daggerfall.

As a bonus, have you ever wondered what occurred in the aftermath of the activation of the Numidium and what became of the many political factions of the Illiac bay? Below is a list of texts from the sequels that serve as a epilogue of sorts to the events that occurred in Daggerfall..

The Warp in the West: This text describes the warp in the west and the political fallout from the activation of the Numidium

A Game at Dinner: Describes prince Helseth's return to Morrowind after his half-sister gained the throne of Wayrest but before he ascended to the throne as King of Morrowind.

Night Falls on Sentinel: A book that follows up on the The Third Prince of Sentinel quest from Daggerfall

Arkay the Enemy: Mannimarco's words to his followers after his ascension to godhood.

The Firsthold Revolt: A follow-up to Morgiah's Letter quest and her marriage to the King of Firsthold

Lord Kelvyn's Will: A will for Battlehorn Castle in Cyrodiil that describes the failed revolt of Lord Kain of Lainlyn

Lord Jaren's Journal: Reveals the final fate of Lord Kain in Battlehorn Castle.

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