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Appeared in: TESA: Redguard.

This is the information about Cyrus from the official Redguard website:

Name: Cyrus
Age: 33 (born 2E 831)
Race: Redguard
Province of Birth: Hammerfell
Occupation: Mercenary

Cyrus spent his youth in Sentinel, the capital of Hammerfell, in the years just before the expansion of Tiber Septim's Empire. He fled his homeland, and abandoned his famly, after killing his sister's husband in a drunken sword fight. Taken in by a band of brigands, led by the Nord pirate captain Tobias, Cyrus soon became a mercenary-for-hire. He wandered the borderlands of the Empire for years, taking whatever jobs he could find, selling his skill with a blade to beggars and petty-kings alike. Recently, he learned that his sister, Iszara, vanished in the wake of the Empire's invasion. Though he vowed never to return to Hammerfell, he now finds himself bound for Stros M'Kai, determined to find Iszara and, perhaps, atonement.

Cyrus collected piece by piece of the information about Iszara. Iszara came to a pirate group named the Restless League, transforming the league into a secret force of Prince A'Tor. However, in the Battle of Hunding Bay, where A'Tor fell, the league was forced not to interfere. After the battle, the league secretly acquired the soulgem which contained the soul of Prince A'Tor, and planned to resurrect him.

Iszara was with the league, but league's hesitancy made her desperately find another way to resurrect A'Tor. Iszara went to N'Gasta, a Sload Necromancer. Alas, the Necromancer had a deal with the Imperial Governor Amiel Richton. Iszara was captured and the soulgem came to N'Gasta and eventually became the possession of Richton.

Cyrus eventually rescued Iszara from N'Gasta. Cyrus, Iszara and the Restless League decided to carry out the ritual of resurrection of Prince A'Tor. At the Temple of Arkay, the ritual was performed by a Yokudan Witch, which Cyrus had helped previously. However, the result of the ritual was different from the plan. The soul of Prince A'Tor did not return to his body, but to his sword instead.

The league was disappointed, but Cyrus encouraged the league with his speech. The league agreed to attack the harbor of Stros M'Kai as planned and Cyrus with the Soul Sword of Prince A'Tor would enter the palace and kill the governor.

High on the new recovered Dwemeri Dirigible, Cyrus killed Amiel Richton, and Stros M'Kai came back to the possession of the Redguard. Eventually, Tiber Septim was forced to negotiate the terms of peace between Hammerfell and the Empire. Cyrus left Stros M'Kai once more but with different emotion than the last.