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The Mages Guild



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The Mages Guild


The Mages Guild is a professional organization chartered by the Empire to promote study of the arcane arts. The Arcane University is the seat of the Mages Guild. Located in the Imperial City, it houses the leaders of the Mages Guild.

"Before the Arcane University was founded in the second era, Crystal Tower on Summerset Isle was the source of all magical learning. Since then, the Imperial City has been Tamriel's foremost magical research center."
-Hannibal Traven, Arch-Mage.

The Arcane University has:

  • Arch-Mage's Tower, the center of the guild administration and Council Chambers. The Tower and the Council Chambers are under the administration of Raminus Polus (Imperial, Master-Wizard).
  • Lustratorium, the center study of Alchemy, under the administration of Julienne Fanis (Breton, Wizard).
  • Chironasium, the center study of Enchanting, under the administration of Delmar (Redguard, Wizard).
  • Praxographical Center, the center study of Spellmaking, under the administration of Borissean (Redguard, Wizard).
  • Mystic Archives, a library of arcane arts, under the administration of Tar-Meena (Argonian, Master-Wizard).
  • Imperial Orerry, the second Orerry of Tamriel, under the administration of Bothiel (Bosmer, Wizard).
    " The orrery here is the only one in Cyrodiil. There's one more in Hammerfell... the old one at Stros M'Kai."
    - Bothiel, Wizard.
  • Practices Room, under the administration of Renald Viernis (Breton, Wizard).
  • Mages Quarters.
Arcane University

Arcane University Layout

The Mages Guild is lead and administer by the Arch-Mage. The Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven started to lead the guild in 3E 431. He is a strong-willed Breton Arch-Mage. As soon as he controlled the guild, he created policies that for some, considered radical for the time. One of the policies is the requirement for all candidates of the guild to be approved by all the Guild Hall of Cyrodiil. This effectively closes the doors of the University to all who are not qualified to enter. By restricting access to the Arcane University, ordinary people could not access the repository of spells; therefore all the sale of spells is distributed across the Guild Halls. But the most radical policy of Hannibal Traven is the banning of Necromancy. A great number of the guild member rejected this policy and left the guild. However Traven was supported by majority of the elders and other high-ranking leaders.

There are seven arcane disciplines in the Mages Guild:

  • Mysticism
    The Mysticism discipline is the mastery of the spell effects of the College of Mysticism. The mysticism spells involve the manipulation of magical forces and boundaries to bypass the structures and limitations of the physical world.
    The center of Mysticism discipline is the Leyawiin Guild Hall, under the administration of Dagail (Altmer, Wizard).
  • Restoration
    The Restoration discipline is the mastery of the spell effects of the College of Restoration. The restoration spells heal, restore, and fortify the body's attributes and abilities, cure disease, and protect it from other malign influences.
    The center of Restoration discipline is the Anvil Guild Hall, under the administration of Carahil (Altmer, Wizard).
  • Alteration
    The Alteration discipline is the mastery of the spell effects of the College of Alteration. The alteration spells involve manipulation of the physical world and its natural properties.
    The center of Alteration discipline is the Cheydinhal Guild Hall, under the administration of Falcar (Altmer, Wizard)
  • Destruction
    The Destruction discipline is the mastery of the spell effects of the College of Destruction. The destruction spells harm living and undead creatures, and mages specializing in destruction are usually war wizards.
    The center of Destruction discipline is the Skingrad Guild Hall, under the administration of Adrienne Berene (Breton, Evoker?).
  • Conjuration
    The Conjuration discipline is the mastery of the spell effects of the College of Conjuration. The conjuration spells summon magical items and beings from the outer realms to serve the caster.
    The center of Conjuration discipline is the Chorrol Guild Hall, under the administration of Teekeeus (Argonian, Wizard).
  • Illusion
    The Illusion discipline is the mastery of the spell effects of the College of Illusion. The illusion spells affect the perception and mind of living subjects.
    The center of Illusion discipline is the Bravil Guild Hall, under the administration of Kud-Ei (Argonian, Wizard).
  • Alchemy
    The Alchemy discipline is the processing and refinement of ingredients and materials through arcane processes to elicit and preserve their subtle, hidden magical effects in alchemical potions.
    The center of Alchemy discipline is the Lustratorium in the Arcane University, under the administration of Julienne Fanis (Breton, Wizard).

The other Guild Halls are Bruma, under the administration of Julienne Fanis (Breton, Wizard), and one in Kvatch. But since the city of Kvatch was destroyed by Daedra early in the Oblivion Crisis, the Mages Guild decided that the recommendations for a new Apprentice should be enough coming from the other seven cities of Cyrodiil.

As written in numerous history books, the founder of the Mages Guild is Vanus Galerion. Before he founded the guild, he was one of the Apprentices of the Psijics in Summerset Isle. Vanus Galerion and Mannimarco were among the brightest Apprentices in the mysterious arcane guild. However, they were different like fire and water. Mannimarco enjoyed practicing Necromancy, while Galerion despised Necromancy. Furthermore, Mannimarco extended his influence and practice outside of the guild.

When the council of Psijics refused to intervene, Galerion decided to create another arcane guild to face the evil ways of Mannimarco. The Mages Guild was formed. After hundreds of years, Mages Guild was not always stay true on the track that Galerion established. Some of the guild members started to study and embraced Necromancy. Mannimarco himself was never truly defeated. He became the head of the Necromancers, and known as the King of Worms.

During the Warp of the West, Mannimarco mysteriously gained the Mantella, a powerful soul gem that fueled the Numidium. With its power Mannimarco ascended to Aetherius and became the God of Worms. Later on, some scholars and Akatosh' priests claimed that the Jills of Akatosh mended the results of the time break (Dragon Break) in the Warp of the West. It was believed that Mannimarco was split in two. He transported back to Tamriel as a mortal, continuing his previous role as the King of Worms, but yet the God of Worms still exists in Aetherius.

The Story So Far

During the Oblivion Crisis, one young Associate managed to receive recommendations from all the Guild Halls of Cyrodiil. Delightfully, he entered the Arcane University unknowingly of the treacherous way ahead against the Necromancers.

As previously stated, the Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven banned all the practice of Necromancy, more and more guild member resigned and joined the Necromancers. When the young Associate arrived in the Arcane University, Raminus Polus promoted him to Apprentice. Polus then tasked the new Apprentice to create his own mage staff by acquiring the wood in the grove near the Wellspring Cave. But in the grove he found that the mages were slain by Necromancers. The Apprentice managed to slay all the Necromancers and reported back to Polus of this incident. This is the first accident with the Necromancers after a relatively long time. The Council of Mages considered this as a serious matter.

After some more missions, the Apprentice was promoted to Conjurer and then tasked to find all the information about the Necromancers. From the book Necromancer's Moon, he discovered a celestial object called the Revenant or the Necromancer's Moon. This celestial object is believed to be the God of Worms. In the time when the moon shone, any grand soul gem placed in the Necromancers Altar could be turned to a black soul gem by casting soul trap spell on the altar. The black soul gem is a special soul gem that can be used to trap the soul of men or mer or any other living being that the God of Life and Death, Arkay protected.

"The Revenant, the Necromancer's Moon, watches over us all. His Form, ascended to Godhood, has taken its rightful place in the sky, and hides the enemy Arkay from us so that we may serve Him. Watch for the signs: when the heavenly light descends from above, hasten to His altars and make your offering, so that He may bless you with but a taste of His true power. Grand Soul Gems offered to Him will be darkened, and can be used to trap the souls of the unwitting; a feat even the great N'Gasta would marvel at."
-Necromancer's Moon

This revelation brought slightly disorder in the Mages Guild. Hannibal Traven called the Conjurer himself. He was immediately promoted to Warlock and Traven told him to conduct a meeting with Count Janus Hassildor, the ruler of Skingard. There was information that was gathered by the Count that might be crucial in the war against the Necromancers. Previously the guild distrusted the Count. The guild knew that the Count of Skingrad is a vampire. The guild was afraid that the nature of the vampire would bring the Count closer to the Necromancers, but that was not the case.

In Skingard, the Count told the Warlock of the news of the resurfacing Mannimarco after his disappearance in the Warp in the West. The Warlock brought this serious issue back to Hannibal Traven and immediately he gathered all the Council members and shared the news.

And then, Bruma Guild Hall was destroyed by King of Worms himself. Receiving this news, the Council was disarrayed, some decided to retaliate at all cost. They took the two Necromancers artifacts to study them and if needed to use them against the King of Worms. Irlav Jarol, one of the Council members, took the Bloodworm Helm, while Caranya, another member of the Council, had taken the Necromancer's Amulet.

The Warlock was tasked by Traven to recapture those artifacts. But he was too late. When he arrived in Irlav Jarol's hideout, he found that the hideout had been taken over by the Necromancers and Jarol was killed. However he managed to recapture the Bloodworm Helm. Caranya on the other hand was alive, but she turned traitor. She intended to deliver the Necromancer's Amulet to the King of Worms. The Warlock managed to recapture the amulet. Caranya was killed in the process.

By completing the mission, the Warlock was promoted to Master-Wizard. Then Traven tasked him to capture a unique black soul gem called the Colossal Black Soul Gem. Mannimarco intended to use this soul gem to trap the soul of Hannibal Traven himself. Traven mysteriously instructed that the gem must not be destroyed and must be brought to him.

In the Ayleids ruin of Silorn, with the help of a contingent of Battle Mages, the Master-Wizard was finally able to defeat the soul gem bearer, Falcar. Previously, Falcar was the head of Cheydinhal Guild Hall. He left Cheydinhal after he was found having two black soul gems. The Master-Wizard brought the soul gem back to the Arcane University.

Shockingly, Traven sacrificed and trapped himself into the soul gem. He stated that a drastic action must be performed in order to defeat Mannimarco. He believed that the soul gem with his soul would be able to prevent Mannimarco to enthrall the Master-Wizard, when he faced the King of Worms. When Mannimarco failed to enthrall the Master-Wizard, it is the time for Master-Wizard to strike back.

"Mannimarco will have what he seeks, but it will be his undoing at your hands."
-Hannibal Traven, Arch-Mage

In the Echo Cave, the final battle between Mages Guild and Necromancers took place. As Hannibal Traven predicted, Mannimarco cast a spell to enthrall the Master-Wizard. The spell failed, however Mannimarco did not aware of this, he talked.

"Power, my dear friend. I seek power, and so I acquire and study those who have some degree of it. We are after the same things, your guild and I. Yet you worry about 'good' and 'evil' and do not accept they are manifestations of the same thing. So you brand me a villain, and make vain attempts to destroy me. I watch, and I wait, and I collect you when you come for me."
-Mannimarco, the King of Worms

Mannimarco was surprised that after the conversation the Master-Wizard can still move and fight him. With all his abilities, eventually the Master-Wizard managed to destroy the King of Worms. He took Mannimarco's Staff of Worms and went back to the Arcane University.

When he arrived back in the Arcane University, Raminus Polus announced that the Master-Wizard was now the leader of the Mages Guild, the new Arch-Mage. Mages Guild would rebuild itself after a devastating war with the Necromancers.