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The Fighters Guild



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The Fighter Guild


The Fighters Guild is a professional organization chartered by the Emperor to regulate the hiring and training of mercenaries. The guild was founded back in 2E 321, and shortly became the official mercenaries guild that every part of the citizen depends of. The problem such as infestation of rats, eliminating terrorizing bandits, delivery and escorting are suitable jobs for the guild member.

"The Fighters Guild is a brotherhood of warriors. We provide a service to Tamriel, lending steel and shield to those who need our help. Whether that means ridding a town of an invading menace or protecting a helpless mage, we'll take the contract."
-Vilena Donton, Master

The Fighters Guild has strict rules, in order to manage its fighters properly. The joining candidate must have a clean criminal record, and he must have proficiency with arms and armor. When accepting any contract certain rules are applied. No contract will be accepted when it is offending the laws and customs of the realm.

The Fighters Guild has guild hall in each city in Cyrodiil, but the major guild halls are ones in Anvil (led by Azzan, Redguard, Guardian), Cheydinhal (led by Burz gro-Khash, Orc, Guardian) and Chorrol. The central administration of the guild is in Chorrol and from the Chorrol guild hall, Vilena Donton (Imperial, Master) and Modryn Oreyn (Dunmer, Champion) manage the guild throughout Cyrodiil.

The Story So Far

During the Oblivion Crisis, the guild of fighters received a strong competition from another mercenary guild called the Blackwood Company.

The Blackwood Company consists of mostly Argonian and Khajiit. They were just merely a mercenary group sent by the Emperor to reclaim territory in Black Marsh. Somehow, they failed on the mission however. Back to Cyrodiil territory, they set a guild hall in Leyawiin.

Fighters Guild Banner 01They are not choosy about receiving contract. All kind of contracts is accepted, including some that were offend the laws and customs. They are efficient and ruthless; this makes the contracts, especially in the Nibenay, short for the Fighters Guild.

The leader of the company wears the title of Pakseech. Ja'Fazir, a Commander of the Company explained, "In the Imperial tongue, it means, roughly, 'clan chair' -- the seat of the clan patriarch. In the Company, we use the term to mean 'leader' -- but it carries the sense of wise father, concerned for the welfare of the whole family." The Pakseech of the Company is Ri'Zakar.

The Company member, the mercenary, is called Jihatt. Again Ja'Fazir gave explanation on this term. "It is a word from the Ta'agra, meaning 'warrior for hire'. In Ta'agra, the word is vaguely disreputable. Such a fighter fights for gold rather than for clan or Mane. Of course, the Blackwood Company is mercenary in the Western sense... a reliable, professional contractor for military services."

Although the Fighters Guild faced a direct competition in the Nibenay, the head of the guild thought that the Blackwood Company just another mercenary group and did not threaten the whole guild. So far the guild did not do anything other than keep an eye on the development of the Company. By this decision, the guild hall of Leyawiin suffered the most. In the worst case, the guild members, out of employment, made some trouble in an inn. However, before the situation was worsened an agent was sent by the guild headquarters to remedy the problem.

When some of the guild members joined the Blackwood Company, the Champion of the guild, Mordryn Oreyn tried to bring this issue to the Master. However, the Master was still reluctant to do something to the Company. Oreyn decided to investigate the Company by himself. He received help from one member of the guild, the newly promoted Defender of the Fighters Guild.

He told the Defender that the Master, Vilena Donton, got tentative after a disastrous contract of the wizard Argoth to recover an artifact from Azani Blackheart, apparently a bandit in his hideout Arpenia. Mordryn Oreyn with twenty guild members, including Donton's son, Vitellus Donton stormed Arpenia. But the mission failed, Oreyn escaped with only five members, Vitellus Donton was killed in the mission.

Then the Blackwood Company reportedly finished the mission - recovered the artifact and killed Azani Blackheart. Sometime after that, Oreyn received report that the wizard Argoth is killed and the artifact is missing. Oreyn suspected that the Company made a deal with Azani Blackheart instead to finish the wizard. Oreyn then asked the Defender to go with him to investigate Arpenia.

When they found that Arpenia is empty and no sign of battle, Oreyn believes that the entire story was made up by the Blackwood Company, that probably that the Company was paid by Blackheart to move his base of operations. It is obvious that the Company worked for Blackheart instead of the wizard Argoth. Arpenia is an Ayleid ruin. Oreyn knew that there is another Ayleid ruin nearby - Atatar; and he also knew that Blackheart has a fascination with these Ayleid ruins. He suggested that they investigate this ruin as well.

He was right. Azani Blackheart was in Atatar. Together with the Defender, Oreyn slew Azani Blackheart. He took Blackheart's ring as a proof that the Blackwood Company did not kill Azani Blackheart.

Later on, after the Defender eventually reached the rank of Guardian, Modryn Oreyn gave him a rescue mission. Oreyn had dispatched a group of fighters, including Vilena Donton's second son, Viranus Donton, to Forsaken Mine. The mine is located south of Leyawiin and reported had been infested with Trolls. The group had dispatched for some time but after an appointed time, no news arrived. Oreyn was worried and he asked the Guardian to investigate.

In the mine, the Guardian found that Viranus Donton and the group had been slain. From Viranus Donton's journal, the Guardian learned that the group was engaging the Trolls when a group of Blackwood Company arrived and madly killed everything that moved, trolls, men, mer fell to their blades. The Guardian brought this news to Modryn Oreyn. Oreyn was shocked hearing this news. Oreyn brought the news to Vilena Donton, and he was expelled shortly from the guild.

Fighters Guild Banner 02The Guardian later on was promoted to Champion, and it was then that Modryn Oreyn called him again. He was no longer a guild member however it was his personal mission to uncover the secret behind the Blackwood Company's efficiency and ruthless demeanor. He asked the Champion to capture a Blackwood Company leader, Ajum-Kajin, in the Glademist Cave, in order to learn more about the Company. Being concerned with the development of the Blackwood Company, the Champion agreed to help Oreyn.

The Champion managed to capture Ajum-Kajin, an Argonian leader. He brought the Argonian back to Chorrol to meet Modryn Oreyn. They extracted some information of the Company, including the leader and the number of the Company. But they failed to get the secret behind the efficiency of the Company as Ajum-Kajin killed himself. Oreyn suggested that the Champion infiltrate the Blackwood Company in order to uncover the secret.

The Champion arrived in Leyawiin Company guild hall and join the Blackwood Company. Although rather suspicious, the Company accepted him. He was dispatched in a mission in a group to eliminate some encroached goblins in the settlement of Water's Edge. Before the group left, each member was given a dose of Hist Sap. He was told that the Company was growing a Hist tree from Argonia down in the basement, and some mages were working to produce Hist Sap to be consumed by all the members to increase the performance.

In the Water's Edge, the group engaged the goblins and without any resistance the goblins were cut down. Then the effect of the Hist Sap made the Champion lose consciousness. He was rescued and brought by some members of the Fighters Guild to Chorrol, to Modryn Oreyn's house.

Hearing the Company mission, the secret of the efficiency of the Company and the effect to the body of the consumer made Modryn Oreyn worried about the people in Water's Edge. The Champion went back to the settlement and found that the entire inhabitants in settlement had been slain. Sickly, he went back to Chorrol. Hearing this, Modryn Oreyn decided that the Hist tree of Blackwood Company must be destroyed.

The Champion stormed the Blackwood Company guild hall. He managed to retrieve the key to the basement from the dead body of the Pakseech, and eventually destroyed the tree, effectively destroyed the Blackwood Company.

Back in Chorrol, Modryn Oreyn rewarded the Champion the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw, a magical helm that was recently recovered in Morrowind. Strangely, it was back to Oreyn family after the Daedric Prince Malacath wrongly believed that Oreyn family line was ended.

Oreyn then asked the Champion to report the news to Vilena Donton. Surprised, the Master of the Fighters Guild eventually decided that it was time for the Fighters Guild to have new leadership. She promoted the Champion to Master and then she retired from any guild business. She suggested that the new Master should reinstate Modryn Oreyn's membership and make Oreyn his second in command. The new Master agreed. Modryn Oreyn was quite surprised to hear the news and readily took the old job back.

The Blackwood Company is no more and the Fighters Guild will start a new under a new leadership.