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The Arena



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 The Arena

Arena TapestryDescription

The Arena in the eastern part of the Imperial City predates the Septim Dynasty. It is where all the best fighters from all over the Empire come for glory and proving their skills in battle.

The Arena was the vision of Gaiden Shinji, the Blademaster from the Order of Diagna. He is famous with his credo: "The best techniques are passed on by the survivors." To be the best, learn from the best. With this credo, he needed a place where all warriors can meet and test their skill, a proving ground. The Empire agreed to build such a place in the Imperial City, thus the construction of the Arena was started.

Shinji personally oversaw the construction of the Arena. Unfortunately, the war between Daggerfall and Orsinium started and as ally, the Order of Diagna sent its army to battle the Orcs. Shinji led this army. The Siege of Orsinium took thirty years, and consumed heroes and champions. Gaiden Shinji fell in the war.

The Arena was eventually finished.

Arena<br />

Now it is also known as the Bloody Jewel of the Imperial City. Not only as the proving ground to the warriors, it becomes also the place of gambling and entertainment for nobles and commoners. Hundolin the Arena Gatekeeper is handling these entertainments professionally.

The current Blademaster of the Arena currently is Owyn. He is in charge of the Arena business, such as arranging the fights and training the combatants. Other important person in the Arena is the Battlematron, which in charge of logistical stuff, as well as the training of the Grand Champion. The current Battlematron is Ysabel Andronicus.

The Grand Champion is the highest level of the combatants of the Arena. It is difficult to achieve the title, and the Grand Champion has to constantly defend the title by facing a lot of challengers. The reigning Grand Champion is Agronak Gro-Malog. His fighting name is "The Gray Prince." He has been the Grand Champion for nearly a decade. The Gray Prince is unbeatable.

The basement beneath the Arena is the place for all the "behind-the-scene" works. The place is called Bloodworks. It is properly named as blood often seeps down through the grate of the fighting pit and into this training area.

The Story So Far

A new comer in the Arena managed to ascend the Arena ladder very quickly. This new comer shocked the very foundation of the Arena. In short time, he achieved the title from Pit Dog to Hero, leaving bloodied bodies in the Arena.

Previously, the new comer had a brief talk with the Grand Champion himself, Agronak gro-Malog, the Gray Prince. Despite of the title and glory, Agronak wished for his birthright to be proven. He was supposed a noble, a son of Crowhaven lord in the Colovia West. Due to his heavy training and constant battle he cannot pursue his dream. In exchange of the Agronak's tricks of battle, the new comer agreed to do quest to find the proof of the Gray Prince's noble birthright.

Arrived in Crowhaven, the new comer found the diary of Lord Lovidicus. Lord Lovidicus was a vampire, and Agronak was in fact a spawn of the vampire. The new comer had to slay Lord Lovidicus in order to escape Crowhaven.

Receiving this proof caused Agronak despaired. He lost the will to fight. When eventually the new comer faced him in Grand Champion challenge. The new comer had to finish him in less honorable fashion, yet the Arena spectators and the Bloodworks did not know this. Still this left a grief in the heart of the new Grand Champion.