Cuinanthil’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Cuinanthil

This book was included in Bittercup from the Creation Club

The deal with the Silver-Bloods has been fully consummated. The location of the vault is rather ingenious, hiding in plain sight amongst degenerates and thieves.

It tickles me to know they dream of wealth and fortune, never realizing only a single wall separates it from their soiled bedrolls.

As for security, there are two measures. The door is locked securely by key, but that would only embolden their curiosity. That is why as far as the locals know, it belongs to a beggar named Eslaf.

Now if any of these gutter rats had even a modicum of intelligence, they would realize that Eslaf Erol is the name of a fictional prince who made his fortune from nothing.

I too have worked from the ground up to achieve my current status. I have taken that which was to be divided, and multiplied it tenfold.

After all, my brother Ernanthil is fortunate to have his life, he should not protest if I take everything else.

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