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Crystal Tower

Xan, Lady N

After the fourth piece, Ria Silmane met the champion in his dream:


You have recovered the fourth piece! I honor your bravery. Listen closely now my friend, for Tharn has begun in earnest to look for you. Do not fear, he does not know your true identity, but he can sense the Staff's power. With four of the eight pieces, you stand out like a lantern at night. I urge you to caution. The fifth piece of the Staff lies in an ancient stronghold of sorcery called the Crystal Tower. It was said that the southern tip of the Dragon's Teeth, which stretches from the ice covered mounts of High Rock to the wooded forests of Valenwood, could be seen on the horizon from the top parapet of the Tower. This would lead me to believe it is not far south of the majestic mountain range. You must find the Tower and gain access to recover the fifth piece of the Staff of Chaos...

Contrary to Ria's description, the Champion eventually found information about the tower all the way in Summurset Isle. There, the citizens of Lillandril directed them to the local Mages Guild:

The Crystal Tower is a nexus of power, known by all Mages as the crucible of magic. You should ask the Mage's Guild for any information about it, though I'd guess they would tell you little or nothing...

It is said that the Mages Guild seeks the Crystal Tower for some artifact of great power with which they can fight the followers of the Mad God.
Perhaps if you were to go to the Mage's Guild and ask them, they would agree to help in return for some payment...

All mages at one time or another seek the Crystal Tower for it is the crux of magic in the world. Those who know not where to begin often seek counsel at the Mage's Guild. Perhaps you should try there...

After finding the Mages Guild, the Champion spoke to the local Loremaster.

My name is Corim Ashlen, and I have the dubious honor of being the Loremaster of this Mage's Guild. Word has spread that you seek the
Crystal Tower. I have known students of mine to search an entire lifetime, never destined to walk within its hallowed halls. I will however
consider doing something I would have never thought to do. I will help you find the Crystal Tower. In return you must do a favor for me first.

You see, a few nights ago priests of the Mad God attacked our Guild. They were protected by some sort of spell that absorbed our magic, making us powerless to stop them. Many of our initiates died, and the priests carried off a number of our treasured artifacts. Among these was a small diamond. I cannot speak more of this, other than to say it serves a vital purpose here in the Guild by strengthening our magic. It has a secondary function as well, one that would be of interest to you.

I quested and won this magical gem in fair combat from its previous master, the Demi-Lich Zaraphus. It is said that the light from the gem will allow the viewer to see the true location of the Crystal Tower on a specially prepared map, a map I have in my study. The priests however have the diamond. If you would consider recovering it, I would be happy to show you the location of the Crystal Tower. You will powever, have to bring me the diamond first. Do you agree?&

The Champion agreed.

Good. You will find the Temple of the Mad God outside the city of Lillandril. Wait a moment while I get a pen and mark the location on your map. Remember, bring me the diamond and I will show you the location of the Crystal Tower as a reward...

Corim inscribes the location of the Temple of the Mad God onto your map...

After defeating the Mad God's cultists, the Champion returned to Lillandril for their reward.

Well done, [player name]. You have done this Guild a service it will not easily forget. I thank you for your efforts. Now, for my part of the bargain...

Corim walks to a table where an ornately penned map lies. There, he focuses a shaft of light through the diamond. A moment later he inscribes the location of the Crystal Tower, somewhere in the Summurset Province, onto your map...

Map in hand, the Champion headed to the Crystal Tower.


The Crystal Tower dominates the area, rising like an accustory finger pointing at the sky above. This bastion of sorcery seemingly transcends normal human conceptions, existing in many planes other than this. You can sense the fifth piece of the Staff of Chaos, somewhere above..."

Exiting the tower, the Eternal Champion was greeted by Jagar Tharn again:


"I have underestimated you, that is clear. You have not only defeated the useless creatures I have sent against you, but managed to survive the Crystal Tower, a feat that in and of itself could be legend. It is sad that I am forced to destroy you. Prepare, for my minions arrive..."

Tharn underestimated the Eternal Champion, and his minions were quickly defeated.