Creation Club Books

December 1, 2019
Written by: Lady Nerevar

Thanks to the efforts of Benefactor, the over 150 books from Skyrim's Creation Club are now documented in the library!

Here are a few notable volumes to get you started: 

  • The Crimson Dirks (Alternative Armor) - a mostly fictional series about the exploits of a prolific bandit gang. 
  • The Restless (Dead Man's Dread) - the legend of Cyrus the Restless. 
  • Forebear's Note (Dead Man's Dread) - A bit of new Yoku, and Forebear/Crown political relations. 
  • Lost Caravan Guard's Note (Sunder & Wraithguard) - journal of a guard transporting a pair of artifacts. Contains interesting info regarding Morrowind around the time of the Red Year. 
  • Velyne's Letter (Sunder & Wraithguard) - info on how the Tools ended up in Skyrim, and a bit about their manufacture. 
  • Crafting with Netch Leather (Netch Leather Armor) - a bit on the properties and construction of netch leather armor. 
  • Crypt of the Heart - Draft (Spell Knight Armor) - the history of a Breton knightly order. 
  • To Raise the Living (Staff of Hasedoki) - a necromancer reflects on motherhood and legacy. 
  • Forgotten Seasons, V1 (Forgotten Seasons) - a mage's journey to obtain a Dwemeri artifact capable of controlling the weather.
  • Blue God's Journal (Goblins) - an orc accidentally becomes the Blue God worshiped by a tribe of goblins. 

And, finally, this adorable drawing of a Riekling hunting party going after some netch: 

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