Crafting Motif 97: Wayward Guardian Style

Author (in-game): Arana, Count Verandis Ravenwatch (Transcriber)

By Arana of the Ghostsong Clan (as recorded by Count Verandis Ravenwatch)

As the Gray Host stalks our lands and preys upon our clans, the Despot of Markarth demands we freehands of the Reach come to heel and kiss his feet for the privilege of cowering in his cave of Dwarven stone. Fie on that, I say! But there’s one thought the ard has betwixt his ears that’s worth heeding: the deepfolk’s bones are strong and they litter our lands. We must make use of them.

Though I know not what Dwarves saw in the stars, I’ve seen how they marked the stone with the signs of our guardians in the sky. If the deepfolk sought the protection of the Witch, Hunter, and Headsman to create their otherworldly works, let us turn that strength against our equally unnatural foes.

Whether you claim the crests of the deepfolk’s great guardians by cleverness or combat, they are well-suited for an axe befitting the Headsman. Though you will spend many days honing the sturdy metal to an edge.

You would do well to secure your waist with the locks from Dwarven doors and chests, for they are clasps that will not come undone in the heat of battle.

The Dwarf metal we come by is heavy and often thick. Such things don’t slow their lumbering machines on even stone, but they are ill-suited for fleet footedness upon wild ground. Use it sparingly.

There’s nary a fletcher or bowyer among us who can work the Dwarf scrap into a suitable bow. Trust only the branches of Reach trees to commune with the wind, though yellow teeth will still bite deep.

Clad your hearts in the guardian metal, but remember to fashion it to honor the Hunter, lest it fail to protect you as it did the Dwarves. We are his hawks and hounds in the Reach, show him as much.

Surely your mothers taught each of you well enough to fashion your own knives, be it from stone, bone, or metal. A good sharp piece of scrap and a sturdy grip is all you need.

I’ve not yet met the set of bits and baubles that’s fit for more than a cumbersome ring, let alone a gauntlet, but there are plates a plenty to strap upon your forearms.

If you wish to keep your head, keep your wits about you. Barring that, the helms of the long dead Dwarves or their metal servants will serve you well, if you can see out of them. Do not neglect to cover your throat among vampires and werewolves.

Remember we are hunters, not mud crabs. Keep your breeches fastened with only so much armor as you can keep swift in, and leave the clattering and clamoring of your loins for your marriage pacts.

There are plenty of hunks of scrap about that would make a fitting cudgel if you were a giant and a half. Even Red Eagle would struggle to swing a solid Dwarven bar. Fix small flanges to a hefty club and it’ll do just fine.

Tempted as you might be to strap a deepfolk door to your arm and call it a bulwark, it’s liable to outlast your arm. Their metals clamor when struck hard. They’ll shake and hum down into your bones and crack them. Lash what you can bear to a wooden shield and cushion the layers with fur and feathers.

Aye, I’ve heard how you envy the great frames of the metal monsters. There’s sure to be a pair befitting any of you waiting to adorn your worthy shoulders if you’re brave enough to take them. Just try not to outdo yourselves until you’re crushed under the weight like a bunch of fool-headed Nords.

Witch work and the Dwarf mischief mix like oil and water. Even Mora may not know how it is the deepfolk worked their will, but while that remains a mystery, I know all too well how a hunk of their metal will split a skull.

We’ve few smiths among us, let alone any who could work a deepfolk forge. To come by a good balanced blade is as likely to be a matter of luck and a good scrounger’s eye as anything. Keep sharp on the hunt and you may find something keen as yourself.

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