Crafting Motif 85: Greymoor Style

Author: Captain Viddgryr

The Gray Host needs little introduction. The ancient army, risen anew, plagues our lands with little regard for the lives they take. I believe it is important for us to know our enemy. Many have clashed blades with these terrors, but are woefully misinformed about their weapons and armor. Here, I intend to make a detailed account of everything we know about the Gray Host's armaments in hopes that those who read will be better prepared.

The Host's axes are quite fearsome. Giant twin fangs emblazoned in gold make a terrifying arch of destruction. Like most of their weaponry, there is an elegance to the axe that might lead you to believe it isn't as lethal as it truly is. Do not let the beauty fool you.

Golden bat figures feature prominently on the Gray Host's belts. The designs vary, but the spread wings are consistent throughout. They seem more decorative than functional, possibly to emphasize the grandiose style the Gray Host adheres to.

There is a refinement and delicate quality to the design of the Host's apparel that tends to be misleading. Their boots are no different. Thin gold plates of metal lead down to a reinforced sole. Pointed like daggers, I imagine the toes are capable of inflicting nearly as much damage as daggers themselves.

The Gray Host craft their bows with such magnificence, it's enviable. Gilded, arched wings decorate both the quivers and bows themselves. The combination makes a simple form of combat into something darkly beautiful and fearsome to behold on the battlefield.

Each Gray Host member's chest displays a golden sigil. Some designs spread out along the entirety of the chest; others are focused into smaller pieces directly in the center. Against the dark, inky black of the rest of their armor, the shine stands out and commands respect.

An ignorant observer might think the Host's daggers look flimsy. But as many can attest to, the thin nature of the blade, though it looks more apt to sting than stab, is just as deadly a dagger as any other. The precision the design lends makes it an especially dangerous weapon.

Dark leather makes the hands of the Gray Host near invisible in the night. You might catch a flash of gold under the moonlight before a killing blow, but that is all.

Dark onyx-colored plating makes up the helms of the Gray Host. Sharp horns, like those of a dragon, stud the crown. Gold accents flare out like wings across the visor. Some faces are left open, others concealed so only a flash of animalistic eyes can be seen within. The word most commonly brought to mind when viewing these helms is … sharp.

The Gray Host fashion their greaves out of dark leather. The material joins like plating, though that's hard to see in the night. These are measures for stealth, most certainly. Though they do add protection in the form of the same gold metal material along the hips and across the knees in most cases.

Personally, I think the Host maces look closer to tridents than anything else. Multiple prongs make up the bludgeoning force of the weapon. They stack them neatly around the top, and the hooked edges are perfect to snag and tear at flesh.

Heavy, twisted whorls of metal adorn the shields of the Host. The intricate carvings inspire fear. Perhaps it is because of the unmistakable symbol of their forces. Others say they see horrible faces in the curves of metal, as if the shields grin horribly while wielded by their masters.

Golden pauldrons, sharp as the vampire's fangs, decorate the shoulders of the Gray Host army. They extend far past the actual shoulders of any soldier, making them appear taller, wider and more formidable. The edges look nearly as sharp as the army's swords.

The Host's staves look incredibly similar to their maces, just diminished in size. The head of the staff almost resembles terrible talons. Perhaps it is meant to resemble the vampire lords themselves. Either way, they are a horrible sight.

Much like the daggers the Host uses, their swords tend to be thin, delicate … almost needle-like in appearance. They are no less dangerous, however. The metal is sturdy enough to pierce through flesh and muscle, and with it being so thin, you might never see it coming."

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