Crafting Motif 81: New Moon Priest Style

Author (in-game): Fadai

By Fadai, Arcane Quartermaster, Order of the New Moon

Some believe that the Order of the New Moon grows too quickly. The fear and confusion felt upon witnessing the rage of Dragons has led many into our ranks. This one says the newcomers should be embraced! Lord Laatvulon offers his protection to all wise enough to accept it. Of course, production of the required priestly garments will need to increase. Fadai gladly offers guidance on crafting vestments and how best to incorporate the aeonstones into their designs.

The blades of our axes mirror the majestic spread wings of our lord as he soars across the skies. The shadow cast as the blades descend upon those who would disrupt our rituals should evoke the same terror, before nothing is felt at all.

Due to the flowing nature of even our heavier vestments, the modest belt performs a crucial service. Without them, garments could easily snag and tear, leaving a priest vulnerable. The silver buckles guarantee a close fit while still honoring sacraments.

Typical priesthoods adhere to open-toed sandals to demonstrate humility before their gods. While we do offer such a design, our labors for Laatvulon often require more aggressive protection. Many will find the heavy steel plating useful when crushing nonbelievers underfoot.

Although powerful, the Dragons exhibit a grace in their movements. The gentle fold of the wings. The curve of the neck before releasing a plume of flame. So, too, is our bow just as gentle and deadly. The aeonstone spikes are arranged to resemble the scale patterns of our lord.

As members of a religious order, we expect our priests to don robes when carrying out their sacred roles. Since this often includes vicious combat, the garments are reinforced with thick leathers and silver plating while flowing open at the bottom. The perfect blend of devotion and defense.

We honor the superiority of Dragons by placing their image onto these simple daggers. Straight, sleek blades contrast against the sharp spikes of the guard and pommel. The hilt is textured to resemble scales which provides optimal grip.

Manipulating aeonstone can be delicate work. Thus, our gloves expose the fingers while still offering protection. Spikes of aeonstone along the forearms allow the wearer to harness their absorption power while casting magic.

When Fadai was first presented with the spiked design of our priestly hoods, this one was skeptical. But Fadai has seen first-hand the terror that they evoke in our foes. Embedding the aeonstone directly into the helm allows direct access to their magical gifts.

The duties of priests of the New Moon call for violence more often than typical religious followers. Our greaves are flexible enough so that they don’t hinder the wearer, but provide the hardy protection needed to defend lord Laatvulon’s mission.

A series of sharp blades resembling a Dragon’s majestic wings ring the head of our maces. We intend these to be as instructive as they are decorative. The blades bite and tear like lord Laatvulon’s jaw, so that the victim remembers exactly who the wielder represents.

With the clever use of aeonstone and dense steel, our shields describe our Order’s mission for those foolish enough to oppose us. The prophecied Dark Aeon, wings spread wide, ascends into the night sky to become our New Moon .

We’ve designed our pauldrons as tiered steel plates wrapped with dark leather bands. The splayed layers evoke the scales of our Dragon lord and the edges are sharpened to points for extra defense. Aeonstone spikes jut from the tops to give the wearer access to their abilities.

STAVESnnIf any might be confused as to who the Order considers supreme, we have placed a Dragon’s terrible image onto the head of our staves. We craft these from dark ironwood for a satisfying heft. Aeonstones are embedded in the crest so that casters may amplify their spellcraft with them.

Some who claim to worship Dragons will craft their blades to curve into claws. The Order knows that we are destined to ascent higher. Our swords are forged straight, with the image of our lord on the guard. When held aloft, they point directly to where the New Moon will form in the night sky.

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