Crafting Motif 110: Dreadsails Style

Author (in-game): Fleet Provisioner Sorticthel

Welcome to the fleet, captain. First things first, take everything you think about running a crew and toss it in the drink. You pledge your ship to the Dreadsail fleet, you run your rigging as the Fleet Queen says.

Don’t like it? Better you turn and sail straight back to Pyandonea right now, before you wind up dredged through the reef until you’ve sprinkled every last scrap of your flesh for the barnacles to suck up. If that’s all clear, then quarter your crew and start outfitting them like proper Dreadsails.

The Fleet Queen has a fondness for the reef vipers on this rock. Particularly ill-tempered in a manner she finds charming. She has all our axes modeled off their jagged fangs and wants them kept just as ready to snap off a limb.

The Fleet Queen doesn’t care how you hang your breeches so long as they stay up when she wants them that way. If she doesn’t, best make sure you can get them off at her pleasure. All the buckles she had fashioned are a little on the sharp side, you should know.

Waterproofed ornaug leather is preferred, but if you’ve got a nice pair of Sloadskin boots to show off the Queen will indulge you, if she doesn’t take them for her tithe. No loose leggings unless you fancy sinking.

Most of our bows are cured driftwood and clad in scaled steel made not to rust. Fletch with whatever feathers you can find, but have at least four kinds of sea venoms ready for the tips. The Queen expects you to learn which are best for the right situation.

Light ornaug leather vests and chest wraps are most of what you’re going to find available. You’ll be expected to outswim a shark and scale a ship’s hull in anything you wear, so don’t claim any steel you haven’t got the gills for.

Any sailor in the Queen’s fleet better have a good knife at their side. We keep ours sharp enough to split oysters, including the gut hook. If yours is too dull to cut a line in one go, you’ll wish you had when she runs it across your stomach.

Keep your gloves well treated for weather and wear with sea slug oil. It’s just slick enough for gliding rope but still lets you dig in and keep a line firm in hand.

Bare heads are permitted dress, but headwraps and bandanas are fine for keeping your hair down in the wind. We’ve got some heavy cowls with shell and scale stylings if you fancy yourself a marine, but they smother the gills.

We’ve got drab twill breeches and robes in just about any size you could want. They’re all treated with a dreugh wax wash to keep out the sea spray. If that gives you a nether itch, use a little fish oil as a barrier.

The Queen had all the fleet’s maces styled after her own scepter. No, she doesn’t use it, just tickles her fancy. The narrow profile cleaves the air and skulls well enough, so no complaining if you know what’s good for you.

I thought the shields were modeled after reef viper scales, but the Queen says she had them fashioned after one of the Maw’s teeth that washed up on the beach. Not much difference in size between them.

The queen had light steel plates cast in some shells she collected around the reef. Worked better than I figured it would, so much so that the Queen requires every Dreadsail to wear them on your sleeves. Keep yours polished.

The Queen’s highest standards are reserved for her mages, especially the Sea Mages. She requires any Dreadsail with a talent for magic to master a stave like her own, both for casting and as a harpoon. The three-prong, barbed end will stick firm in a whale, or a boarder.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we favor the saber in this fleet. I assume you know how to use one. The Fleet Queen considers any Maormer who can’t fence an embarrassment to their kind. Prepare to be tested. And make sure you know how to turn away a blade with the cross guard or you’ll be short a few fingers.

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