Crafting Motif 108: Fargrave Guardian Style

There is no greater honor than to serve the most unique city in all of the planes. Follow these instructions carefully and you will join the ranks of those who dedicate their existence to something greater than themselves.

Firstly, gather gold, blue, and silver materials. Gold for the wealth of Fargrave; the gold in the treasuries belongs to the city and must be protected. Blue for the beauty shining in Fargrave’s eternal sky, in protecting this, a Guardian gains honor in their service. Silver ties Guardians together, creating a lasting bond throughout all Fargrave Guardians.

The head of the axe is a half-circle with jagged points of metal reaching toward the axe’s grip. The shape resembles a golden storm cloud. When used, the destructive force rained down upon those who threaten Fargrave will be as severe and fatal as a bolt of lightning.

Cut a swatch of blue fabric into strips and wrap them around the waist. This serves as a reminder of the duty all Guardians uphold. The wrappings ground each Guardian secure them with the firm belief necessary to face those who threaten Fargrave. Add adornments to the belt if desired.

Footwear provides a sturdy foundation of all movements made throughout Fargrave. Footwear does not guarantee comfort. Keep this rule in mind when shaping the metal and fashioning the boots—stability in each step over comfort.

Wrap the bow with blue fabric, styling it similarly to the configuration on the chest plate. Do the same to the quiver. Both items represent the surety of aim; for none who use them waver in their commitment to the Stricture.

Fashion the chest piece out of thick leathers and twist two lengths of blue fabric across the front. The blue ties act as chains, remaining fixed to heart of the Guardian’s being, reminding them of all Fargrave offers.

The dagger’s balance allows it to penetrate armor, scales, hide, and fur in one fell swoop. Visitors to Fargrave hail from across the realms and the short blade acts as a fatal deterrent to all who seek to destroy it from within.

Layer small plates of metal to protect the extremities of the hand and protect the palm with strips of leather. While other pieces of this revered garb may sacrifice comfort, the fingers of a guardian must be dexterous enough to catch a scampering banekin thief.

Guardians are indistinguishable from one another. A new guardian must have their horns shaved down, removing all trace of the individual so that the guardians appear as one uniform collective with the same, sharp, horns.

Rather than having the spiked portion of the greave facing outward—a cowardly attempt at intimidation that holds denizens of Fargrave at bay—curve the point upward, towards the knee. While attacking outsiders is noble, the first priority in an attack is to keep Fargrave standing.

The mace head resembles the intricate stonemasonry of Fargrave. The might and weight of the very walls themselves are felt in every blow a Guardian strikes. To this end, be sure to embed a piece of the city’s wall in the mace itself. It will lend Fargrave’s strength to the blow.

Though there is need for them, there is little honor in wielding a shield against an enemy of Fargrave. As such, do not use the blue fabric except as a ribbon to secure the shield to the arm. Instead stand proudly and know that one more body will not hinder the city’s elite force.

Make the metal plates of the shoulder pad spiked and wide, for the Guardians bear the weight of Fargrave on their shoulders. Each shoulder plate must be curved away from the flesh of the arm. The upturned crescent shape grants us an unmistakable silhouette in thar dark alleys of the city.

Out of all the weapons, utilize the most azure fabric in the making of a staff. These weapons will hold the enemies of Fargrave at bay and keep them distanced from the city. They are regal, pointed, and can be used in a variety of situations. In the past, the staves propped up fallen bazaar stalls, helped merchants hang and display their wares, and prod errant books back into formation. Carry them with honor and grace.

Swords are excellent, imposing weapons that carry statements of the swift justice of the Grasp and the steadfast rules of the Stricture. Mortal merchants fear the fate a sword brings and can be corralled into behaving. Keep the blade golden and brightly polished. So that all who see it know it as a sword of a Guardian.

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