Crafting Motif 107: Annihilarch’s Chosen Style

Author (in-game): Kynmarcher Korisala

By Kynmarcher Korisala, Chaos in Battle and Subcommander of Ardent Hope

Each day that passes, Lord Dagon’s plot to conquer Nirn proceeds apace. The God of Ambition will not let that which belongs to him by right lie fallow for long. As he gathers his strength and readies for another sortie, so too must we prepare ourselves. With the blessing of Valkynaz Nokvroz I hereby order a new line of armor and weapons to be forged for our elite warbands.

May the Annihilarchs of Dagon rise to the challenge of a blood-red dawn!

Axe bearers have a proud history in Dagon’s service. Let their strength of arms be shown by a quarrel of flared spines and thick weights behind the head. When I slam my weapon down into the gullet of an enemy, I want to feel the tendons tear and the bones snap! In Dagon’s name!

I am unsure as to why I need to specify what a belt is for, but here we are. The belt is used to hold the legwraps of a warrior to their body. Use your best efforts to ensure the buckle matches the form and style of the other armor pieces. In Dagon’s name!

Flared spikes at the knee joints will give the enemy pause. Place them here, and here, just so. Our warriors will wade into battle, gutting the pitiful wretches that dare to cross our paths. No one who sights an Annihilarch in full body armor will doubt their dread purpose. In Dagon’s name!

Spikes upon the bow’s outer shell will allow even our ranged warriors to deflect an enemy’s blows. More effort, however, should be placed upon armor plating around the quiver. Let every soldier under our banner know that a well-placed blow to their arrow stocks will not deny them of arrows. In Dagon’s name!

Within the chest of every Annihilarch beats the dark heart of a Dagonic soldier. Allow all who would dare cross blades with our warriors to see the strength of the Deadlands emanating from within that proud breast. The crimson power of the Lord of Chaos will not be diminished! In Dagon’s name!

As a confident leader, I have asked our most venerated Annihilarch assassins for their feedback on these blades. Their more detailed technical specifications are attached. My only high-level direction is to ensure the hated enemies of Mehrunes Dagon quake in fear when they are unsheathed. In Dagon’s name!

Spiked claws must extend from the fingers of these gauntlets, with the exception of those used by our lightly armored spellcrafters. Let the idea of “”one size fits all”” be enough for the incompetent Xivkyn. Not under my command! In Dagon’s name!

The spires of the Deadlands shall serve as inspiration for the crown of horns that rise from Annihilarch helms. Further, enchant each one such that there is no need for a visor upon their brow. The warriors of Dagon can see their foes, but the dark grimace of success as a blade plunges home is for our Chaotic Lord alone! In Dagon’s name!

Care should be taken in the plating for Annihilarch greaves lest they become too binding. Likewise, we should ensure that each soldier is instructed properly in the fitting process. Too many brave warriors have fallen in battle due to bunched material. In Dagon’s name!

Ah, my weapon of choice! Let each maul and mace be weighted to perfection, twice for each forging must you test these implements of war. Do not skimp on the crown of spikes, and affix several on each facing. Several designs of late have saved on materials by leaving some sides bald, impotent! Not for the Annihilarchs, forgemasters! In Dagon’s name!

The visage of our dark lord must be implied by the plating on these defensive guards. Allow the power of the Deadlands to stare out from the face of these shields. None shall break the guard of the Annihilarchs! In Dagon’s name!

Upward flaring spines is traditional in Daedric armor, a tradition we should carry on here. Forgemasters, take note, some of you take liberties with the size of armor pauldrons. Not for the Annihilarchs. Leave your oversized shoulder plating for lesser warriors. Dagon’s elite demand freedom of movement! In Dagon’s name!

Dagonic spellweavers are just as well-trained in the art of melee fighting as our infantry. Let them cast their spells from barb-tipped warstaves the full length of a mortal! All will know the glory of the Annihilarch sorcery corps! In Dagon’s name!

Please ensure this order reaches the forge of Shirand, Forgemaster of Ardent Hope. She won the right to design the Annihilarch’s blade in single combat with a dozen other hopefuls. Whatever cruel barbs and deft twists are inlaid into this weapon, I have full faith and confidence in her ability to carry out our chaotic lord’s will. In Dagon’s name!

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