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Conversations with Daedric Princes in Oblivion



I have seen your name, Traveler, and heard it whispered in twilight. I ask a service, which holds promise of fame and reward. Many years ago, five followers slew the vampire Dratik and its kin, but all were infected by the foul creature. Knowing their fate, they sealed themselves up in the vampire's lair. Their suffering weighs heavily on me. Travel to the Gutted Mine. The door will open to you. Bring the peace of death to my followers, and you shall earn my gratitude.

(The Champion located the Gutted Mine and slew all the vampires inside. When the Champion returned, Azura expressed her gratitude by rewarding the Champion with Azura's Star.)

Thank you, mortal. Their spirits are free, and henceforth, above my shrine, five bright candles shall burn forever in memory of their sacrifice. For your service, take this token, that your deeds might be entered in the Book of Fate.


Why do you summon me? You are not one of my faithful. Do you hope to be counted among my Chosen? Then prove yourself to me, mortal. I shall open a portal for you to one of my realms in Oblivion. Go, and take your place in my Tournament of Ten Bloods. Survive, and you will be rewarded. Fail, and your soul belongs to me.

(The Champion entered the Bothiah’s daedric realm, and completed the Tournament of Ten Bloods by slaying the other ten Boethiah’s champions. The Champion was transported back to Tamriel, and Bothiah rewarded Goldbrand to the Champion.)

I greet you, Chosen One! A victory in my Tournament of Ten Bloods brings great honor. Take Goldbrand, sheathe it in your enemies, and offer their souls as praise to me.

Clavicus Vile

A mortal! Wonderful. Always a pleasure. Perhaps you'll do a service for me, mortal. And I'll reward you. A fair bargain, don't you think? You will retrieve for me a sword, a very special sword. It contains the soul of Umbra, a hero I have had dealings with in the past. Bring the sword to me, and I'll reward you with my Masque. You'll not find a better bargain, mortal. Begin your search in Pell's Gate.

(On the way, the Champion was greeted by something inside his pack.)

Hello? Hey! Pay attention! In your pack. The dog. I swear, you heroes aren't particularly quick on the uptake.... Good. Got your attention. I'm Barbas, the Hound of Clavicus Vile. Not that I've always been a hound, or always been called Barbas. I've also been a Redguard. For a while I was a scamp, making deals with Orcs. But, for now, I am His Hound, and I serve the Lord Clavicus. A word of advice here. You've made a bad deal. This Umbra -- bad business. Things always end badly where that one's concerned. Clavicus has always been a little blind to that. And it'll end badly this time, too. So, just leave things be. Walk away. It's your best bet, really. This is your out, friend. Leave it alone. How about we just march on back to the shrine and tell Clavicus the deal is off? Sure, he'll be a bit put off, but you won't be dead. At least, you probably won't. That's better odds than you're getting here.

(However, the Champion continued pursuing Umbra, and eventually slew the wielder.)

I'm telling you: don't bring that sword back to Clavicus. It'll ruin him, I'm sure. I mean, not completely: He's still a Daedra Prince and all that. Look, keep the sword if you want. That's your decision. But don't give it back to Clavicus. He doesn't know what's good for him sometimes.

(The Champion returned to Clavicus Vile’s shrine.)

You've brought the sword! Now give it to me, as we agreed. Umbra and I have unfinished business.

(If the Champion gave the sword, Clavicus Vile would be happy and rewarded the Champion with the Masque of Clavicus Vile..)

Excellent! A pitiful sword with a pitiful soul in exchange for a Masque fit for a god. You've gotten the better of this bargain, mortal. Now, I have business to attend to. Run along. Perhaps I'll be looking for you again....

(If the Champion decided to keep the sword, Clavicus Vile would be mad.)

You would dare?!?! We had a bargain, little hero. You would risk my wrath for a pitiful little sword? I will be watching you mortal. And waiting.

(In any case, after the deal was finished, Barbas left the Champion.)

Oh, well. Been good knowing you, kid. Back to being His Hound for me. As for you... good luck, I guess. I've met worse.

Hermaeus Mora

I see you have served my brethren, and now you come to serve me. I am Hermaeus Mora. Past, present, and future are as one to me. My followers seek to perform a divination. For this, they need souls, one of each of the sentient races. You will provide these. I give you a spell to trap these souls. Return to me when you have finished. When you do, I will further your journey on your true path.

(The Champion went throughout Tamriel to find these souls, upon completed, he returned. Hermaeus Mora was pleased and gave the Oghma Infinium to the Champion.)

You have served me well, and I am pleased. I give you this, the Oghma Infinium. Knowledge given by me to Xarxes is recorded within. Read it, and gain knowledge of yourself. Go now. Learn, and remember.


Summoned by prey. The hare crouches before the fox's muzzle. Perhaps I shall task you, mortal. Set you to hunt for my amusement. In Harcane Grove is a quarry worthy of the chase. First named, last tamed, the unicorn runs wild there. Bring me this creature's horn, mortal. If you dare.

(The Champion tracked the unicorn in the Harcane Grove. Slew the three minotaurs guardian and eventually slew the unicorn. Retrieved the horn and returned to the shrine. Hircine was pleased and gave the Cuirass of Savior's Hide.)

Yes, hunter, make your offering. Did you taste its flesh and drink its blood? Never waste the spoils of a kill. You've pleased me, hunter. Take my token, and wear it well. Hereafter, take your prey, and whisper my name.


You brought a present. Good. That's smart. You want something? Then, if you're smart, you do what I tell you. Lord Drad took my ogres. Says he owns them. Lying maggot! They're MY ogres! Lord Drad put my little brothers in chains, working in the mines. I don't like that. Get over to Lord Drad's estate. Let my ogres loose, and get them out! Okay? Get going!

(The Champion went to Lord Drad’s estate. Released the caged ogres, and let them killing all the guards. When the Champion returned, Malacath rewarded the Champion with the Volendrung.)

Good job! No one owns ogres but ME! And I fixed that maggot! The ogres own Drad! Make Drad eat dirt! Bwah-hah-hah! Now you get a present. Keep up the good work. And be nice to my little brothers!


Call me 'Webspinner'. Pluck but a single thread, and the weave unravels. In Bleaker's Way, two families, Nord and Dunmer, live in perfect harmony. But beneath the surface lurks the secret seed of strife. Kill the leaders of the two families. Plant evidence to implicate the other family as the killer. And don't get caught. Be cunning. Don't spoil my scheme. And don't die... that would spoil everything. Ha-ha-ha-hah!

(The Champion went to the Bleaker’s Way and followed the instruction of Mephala. In the end, the families of Nord and Dunmer fought and slew each other. Some of are survived though, but they were confused and shocked about the bloody event. When returned to the shrine, Mephala gave Ebony Blade as reward to the Champion.)

Well done, little webspinner. Is there a prettier sight than friends at war? Take pleasure in the strife you have caused, mortal. Savor the divine essence of a well-spun plot. And here's a little needle to help you stitch your own tangled tapestries.


By the detritus of the profane, I am brought forth. And by your offering, you have made the profane your interest, mortal. The undead are foul, unnatural things. Some of my rivals take pleasure in these abominations. Not Meridia. I wish these creatures destroyed. Hidden behind a door, deep in Howling Cave, are necromancers. They rob graves for the materials to raise their undead armies. Find these necromancers. Destroy them and their abominations. Do this, and earn the gratitude of Meridia.

(The Champion tracked the Howling Cave, entered it, and slew all the necromancers. When returned, Meridia rewarded the Champion the Ring of Khajiit.)

Well done. Those creatures were an affront to all life, and they have paid the price for their actions. Take this ring and go with my blessing.

Molag Bal

Another mortal come to do my bidding. I only wish suffering and death. You will bring me both. I want to see a man brought to the edge. And pushed. Near Brindle Home you will find Melus Petilius. A good man. An honorable man. He disgusts me. He has sworn an oath: never to raise a weapon against another man again. I want him to break that oath, and damn himself forever. You will let him kill you with this: the Cursed Mace. As you are doing this for me, I'll save your miserable life. Probably. Get out of my sight.

(The Champion followed Molag Bal’s instruction and let Melus Petilius attacked him. When Melus Petilius eventually stroke the final blow, the Champion was transported back to the shrine. Molag Bal was happy and gave the Mace of Molag Bal to the Champion.)

Well, it seems you've accomplished the task set out for you. Well done. Another man damned. Another ruined soul. But, you'll still get your prize, won't you? I think it was worth it... don't you? Keep up the good work, little mortal.


You dare approach my shrine, Child of the Light? You, who walk this plane basking in the light of the warm, cruel sun? Prove to me that you deserve my favor. In Anga, my Forgotten have lived in peace for many years. They worship me from the dark, basking in their misery and filth. Now, though, some would seek to bring light to their darkness. Priests of Arkay have intruded upon their squalor. I want you to help my Forgotten kill these priests of the Light. Cast this spell upon the priests. Allow my beloved Forgotten to kill the interlopers. When this is done, I shall reward you for your efforts.

(The Champion entered the Ayleid ruin of Anga. Tracked the priests and cast Namira's Shroud to the priests. This spell made the torches that the priests brought failed. With no light, Namira’s Forgotten were able to attack and eventually kill all the priests. When returned, the Champion was rewarded with Ring of Namira.)

You have cleansed my followers' perfect darkness. The Forgotten are free to wallow in their misery.


Night among strangers. Secrets in the dark. Nocturnal is here. But my Eye is blind and drowned, stolen from its shrine, and hid in dark waters. To steal from a god is most unwise. In Leyawiin, two Argonians think themselves secret, but the Eye has seen them. Find these thieves in the city that spans the waters. Learn where they hide my Eye. Retrieve the Eye of Nocturnal, mortal, and return it to me, and I shall look favorably upon you.

(The Champion managed to track the thieves in Leyawiin, and eavesdropped the location of the eye. The Champion with some difficulties, eventually managed to retrieve the Eye of Nocturnal and returned to the shrine. Nocturnal was pleased and she rewarded the Champion with her Skeleton Key.)

My Eye is returned, and I once again see into the darkness that is your world. We mock the thieves, for bitter is their loss. You, mortal, may take this. It shall open the secrets of dark places for you.


This one moves! A welcome change. So, mortal, you have found my shrine, and you have seen my followers. They are an embarrassment to me. The fools cast a spell in the hopes of summoning me to them. It was prideful and foolish, and it has had its consequences. My followers are trapped between worlds; their bodies here on this plane, their souls in Oblivion. I would have you reunite the bodies and the souls. I will transport you to the plane of Oblivion in which they are trapped. Find their souls. When all are collected, I will return you here. Return to me when you are prepared.

(The followers of Peryite were trapped in one of the small daedric realms in Oblivion. Then Peryite transported the Champion to the daedric realm. The Champion succeeded collecting all the souls, and then transported back to Tamriel by Peryite. Upon arriving back to Tamriel, Peryite rewarded the Champion with Spellbreaker.)

You have returned my followers, mortal. The natural order is restored, and for this, I thank you. Perhaps they have learned the folly of attempting to touch a Daedra Prince. Take this, with my blessing. May it bring you order.


Ah... another mortal come to beg Sanguine to add a bit of spice to an otherwise drab existence. I would have you perform a service for me. The Castle Leyawiin is a dull, dreary place. The mistress is an especially somber soul, and tomorrow she will hold another excruciating dinner party. I want you to liven it up. Use this spell on the Countess and her guests. I think it will make the party much more interesting. You should probably try to be inconspicuous. Or they might kill you. Oh, and the party is by invitation only. You'll have to find a way in. Have fun!

(The Champion went to Leyawiin and learnt the schedule of the Countess. In the right time and place, the Champion cast Stark Reality and all the people in the party lose their clothes, all are naked, including the Champion. With some trouble, the Champion escaped from the castle and returned to Sanguine’s shrine. Sanguine was very happy, he rewarded the Champion with the Sanguine Rose.)

A rousing success, mortal! And it appears you joined in the festivities as well. Good for you. You need to lighten up a bit. You'll find your equipment in that chest over there. And here's a little something for your efforts. Maybe we'll celebrate again sometime....


Another mortal dares to summon me, and already I am bored. But enough about me. Let's talk about you. I could turn you into a goat. Or a puddle. Or a bad idea. I could make you eat your own fingers. Or fall in love with a cloud. Perhaps I could make you into something useful. Let's find out. There's a little settlement called Border Watch. It's a nice, peaceful place... and dull, dull, dull. You're going to make their lives interesting. They're a superstitious bunch. Everything is an omen or a portent. Let's make one come true. Find their shaman and ask about the K'Sharra prophecy. You are to find a way to make the first two parts of the prophecy come true. I'll take care of the rest, because it's the most fun. Now, run along.

(The Champion entered the khajiiti village and learnt the three prophecies. The Champion then manipulated some of the objects in the village in order for two of the prophecies to fulfill. Sheogorath was happy.)

You've done well, mortal. I'm amused, I think. Head into the center of Border Watch. And make sure to duck.

(Sheogorath made an unbearable event, he made the rain of dogs. All the inhabitants were shocked and panicked. The Champion returned to the shrine, and rewarded with Wabbajack.)

Good times. Good times. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Here, take this. It's a fun little toy. Now, go away. Before I kill you.


We meet again, mortal, for we have met before, whether you know it or not. When you mutter in your sleep, you speak to me. When you waken wet with sweat, you've just left my house. I dwell in your dreams; I savor your nightmares. Now, you will serve me. The wizard Arkved has the Orb of Vaermina... snatched from the dreams of my followers and dragged into the waking world. Travel to his tower and retrieve my Orb. Take care, though, mortal. In my Orb, Arkved has found more than he bargained for.

(The Champion entered Arkved’s Tower, braced the daedric creatures summoned by Arkved, and eventually arrived in Arkved’s chamber. Arkved himself was sleeping and dreaming. The Orb of Vernima was found nearby. The Champion took it and returned to the shrine. Vaernima rewarded the Champion with the Skull of Corruption.)

My Orb is returned, and Arkved will live out the rest of his days in nightmare. It is fitting. You have proved yourself, mortal. It is fitting, as well, that you should bear my token.