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Conversations with Daedric Princes in Morrowind



(The hero managed to summon Azura in her shrine.)

You have come here for a reason, though you may not know what it is. Sheogorath and I have made a wager. He contends that solitude causes madness, while I maintain it allows for solace and meditation. To test this, I sent one of my priestesses to live alone on an island north of Dagon Fel. If she can live there for 100 years, continuing her life of prayer, my theory will be proven. If not, Sheogorath wins our wager. The time has almost passed, and she remains steadfast. But, Sheogorath has tried to sway the decision in his favor. Travel there, rid the island of his minions, and bring back proof of his meddling. Do not disturb the wise woman, though, as that would void our wager. Serve me, and I will reward you well.

(The hero departed to Dagon Fel, and then levitated to the island. Arrived in the island, the hero witnessed that some daedric creatures had already roamed the area, led by a Golden Saint named Staada. The hero picked the creature one by one and eventually Staada herself was eliminated. The hero did this without disturbing the priestesses and then he returned to the shrine of Azura. Azura was pleased and rewarded the hero with the Azura's Star.)

Well done, mortal. You have preserved the integrity of my wager with Sheogorath. Now it will end as fated, and not due to the meddling of the Daedra Prince. Take this, and use it wisely.



(Deep in the sea near Gnaar Mok, the hero found a ruined shrine of Beothiah. The severed head of the statue of Beothiah talked.)

What do you want with me, mortal? My shrine is in ruins, my priests have forgotten me. Will you rebuild my shrine, mortal? Restore it in all its glory? Accomplish this, and I will reward you. You will be the bearer of Goldbrand, my sword of legend. There is one who can help you do this for me. Listen.... Rough hands to smooth stone, Carving rock instead of bone, In Caldera an artist waits, His masterpiece to create. Find the one who may shape the rock. Go.

(The hero went to Caldera. He located the Orc sculptor, dealt with him and provided him the materials and design for the new shrine of Boethiah. Soon the sculptor started his work in Khartag Point. After some weeks the work finished, and Boethiah was pleased, he gave Goldbrand to the hero)

You have done well. This shrine is a worthy one, and my power will again be felt. Take this, mortal. Wield the Goldbrand with a strong hand, and let all know that my Shrine has risen!



(In Assurdirapal, the hero managed to summon Malacath.)

You have summoned me? Hmmph. You are all the same. But, perhaps you can be of use to me. I have in my possession the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw, the dark elven 'hero.' His deeds are numerous, but he was a false hero. All were performed by Kharag gro-Khar, his orcish friend. It is time this legend was put to rest. Find the last of his bloodline, kill him, and I will grant you the Helm. Look for the him in the city where the Man-God lives.

(Followind Malacath's instruction, the hero went to Vivec city looking for the information. The people of Vivec told the hero that Farvyn Oreyn is the only surviving member of the clan and it is rumored he was heading toward Gnaar Mok. Tracing him to Gnaar Mok, the hero came face to face with Oreyn and his lackeys. The hero slew them all, and then returned to Malacath's shrine. Malacath rewarded the hero with the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw.)

You have killed the false hero, and ensured there will be no more to follow. You have helped bring honor back to the Orcish people, and for that I am glad. Here, take the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw. Wear it proudly, and let it serve as a reminder of what really happened.


Mehrunes Dagon

(In Yasammidan, the hero managed to summon Mehrunes Dagon.)

Why do you call on me, little mortal? Do you seek your death so soon? I should crush you where you stand, yet you show mettle by even approaching me. How ambitious are you, little one. Would you like a chance to prove your worth to me?

(The hero said that he wished to prove his worth to the daedric prince.)

You are brave or foolish. Perhaps both. This, then, is your chance to prove your courage. My Razor, slayer of man and mer, scourge of all who stand before it, lies dormant. Stolen by an unworthy bearer, an elf of little courage or consequence, it lies unused, gathering dust in the Alas Tomb near Molag Mar. Return it to me, mortal. Prove yourself to be a worthy bearer of Mehrunes' Razor.

(With difficulties, the hero tracked the tomb and eventually found it. He entered the tomb, faced its guardians and eventually retrieved a rusty dagger. The hero returned to the shrine of Mehrunes Dagon.)

You've found my Razor. Good. Can you feel its hunger? Can you feel its frustration? Now, I will make it again what it once was, what it shall always be. Draw a line of blood across the land in the name of Mehrunes Dagon!



(In the Morag Tong shrine to Mephala in the hidden area of the Vivec Arena, Tarol Dral asked the hero to assassinate the rogue assassin Balyn Omavel in Balmora. Agreed, the hero departed to Balmora and slew the assassin. Returned, the hero was rewarded with the Ring of Khajiit by Mephala.)

You have done well, mortal. There are some things that must be done to preserve the order. And it will be amusing for me when this business comes to light. I look forward to it. Take this ring, mortal. Through the brightest day it will carry you with speed and stealth. Leave me now.


Molag Bal

(In Yansirramus, the hero managed to summon Molag Bal.)

Why do you summon me now? I have no time for your pleadings, weakling. I have other matters that need my attention. Menta Na!!! He will pay for his insolence. Listen well--those in my service will do my bidding, or they will suffer eternal torment. You will serve me, mortal. Menta Na has grown careless and lazy. He sits in his wretched cave while life on the surface goes on unmolested. He was spawned a creature of terror! His role is to sow fear and discord among men and mer, yet he is content to stay locked in his cave and mock my will! Kill him, mortal. Set his soul flying to the Outer Realms so that I might show him eternal torture for his disobedience. Take this key. You will find him in in the caves of Kora-Dur, east of Kogoruhn. Kill this lazy fool for me, mortal. Do this, and you will have my favor.

(The hero entered Kora-Dur, tracked the daedroth and eventually slew it. The hero returned and Molag Bal rewarded his mace, the Mace of Molag Bal for the hero.)

Ah, you have freed the soul of Menta Na! Torment will be his. Endless agony is all he will know until the end of time. You have performed well, mortal. Perhaps you will be my servant again one day. Take this and use it well. Bring strife and discord with you wherever you may travel. Now go.


Molag Bal (Vampirism Cure)

(After desperately looking for cure, the vampire hero arrived in Bal Ur. He managed to summon Molag Bal.)

So, you do not enjoy the blood hunger, little leech? Do you miss the warmth of the sun? I can obtain the cure for you, but you will help me first. You will find my daughter, Molag Grunda, in the dungeon Dubdilla below Mt. Assarnibibi. There she hides with her consort, the lowly atronach Nomeg Gwai. She believes hiding in a sorcerer's cave will shield her from my eyes. Foolish girl! I ordered her not to associate with these animals. I told her what the penalty would be for her disobedience! Yet she continues to defy me! Willful beast! I cannot have this. Find her, mortal. Kill her and the atronach, so I may deal with them in the Outer Realms. When this is done, return to me, and I will rid you of your unlife. Take care, mortal, for she is powerful. She is still a daughter of Molag Bal.

(The vampire hero found the cave, and slew both daedra, then he returned to Bal Ur, and his vampirism was cured by Molag Bal.)

I see you have done as I asked, little vampire. It was not easy for me to obtain the cure, but I was able to pry it from Vaermina after some...discussion. You have earned it. Now I have eternity to punish my daughter for her defiance. Your curse is lifted. Yet...I wonder, will you miss the taste of blood on your lips? When you sleep, will you taste the salt and copper flowing over your tongue? Go, mortal. Bask in your precious sunlight.



(At Ihinipalit under Vivec city, the hero managed to summon Sheogorath.)

What is it, mortal? Have you come to be of service to Sheogorath? That in and of itself speaks toward your madness. This pleases me. Fetch the Fork of Horripilation from the mad hermit near Ald Redaynia. Take care with him. He's not the most...stable man. Use the Fork wisely, mortal. Few have wielded it who have not come away changed. Use the Fork to strike a deathblow to the giant bull netch that resides near the hermit. Do this, return the Fork of Horripilation to me, and Sheogorath will reward you well.

(The hero departed to mad hermit island somewhere near Ald Redaynia. The hermit is an Argonian named Big Head. He gave the Fork of Horripilation. When wielding the fork, all the magicka was depleted, so the hero could not use magic when fighting the giant bull netch. The hero tracked and eventually killed the netch. Returning to the shrine, Sheogorath was pleased and he gave Spear of Bitter Mercy as a reward to the hero.)

Ah...I see you have completed my little errand. Well done. Perhaps you've gotten a taste of madness as well? Do not believe madness to be a curse, mortal. For some, it is the greatest of blessings...a bitter mercy perhaps, but mercy nonetheless. Give me the Fork of Horripilation. I believe I have something more suitable for your needs. Go now. Remember what you have seen.