Convergence of Maestros, Volume 2

Author (in-game): Hartlin Treg

Convergence of Bards College Maestros
Solitude, 2E 580
First Loredas of Hearthfire

In Attendance:
~ Headmaestro Catrelle Georick
~ Maestro Hrofgen Well-Tuned, Professor of Percussion
~ Maestro Thaezara Halftail, Professor of Southern Strings
~ Maestro Taenival Llendu, Professor of Small Winds
~ Maestro Efnort, Master of Bells and Horns
~ Maestro Viatrix Umbranox, Professor of Vocals
~ Maestro Leiborn, Professor of Northern Strings
~ Honorable Yngmaer Raven-Quill, Historian Royal
~ Honorable Helgreir Lute-Voice, Bard Royal of Windhelm, representing Jorunn the Skald-King
~ Adjunct Professor Twains-the-Night, Professor of Argonian Music Theory
~ Master Maestro Alumnus Nel Farsong
~ Assistant to the Headmaster and Scribe, Hartlin Treg (Me)

Catrelle: Order!

Helgrier: As the emissary of Jorunn the Skald-King, I believe I have the authority to proclaim these instruments to be Skyrim’s treasures, to be preserved—

Taenival: Quiet, easterner! You’re not even a college maestro.

Catrelle: Order! Order!

Yngmaer: How dare you speak to a Royal Emissary in such a manner, Taenival! Helgrier and I both have come by invitation and have every right to weigh in. A professor of small winds should not pretend to the airs of a Royal bard!

Taenival: Your airs are more acrid than any before you.

Hrofgen: Indeed! The college makes important decisions regularly, and without you stinking up the quarters!

Helgrier: No reason to be your usual insolent, drunken self, snowback!

Catrelle: Order! Order! Do we have any proposals besides idle insults?

Viatrix: Aye, of course. We create a muse— an honorarium. Where we place our revered instruments. Protected from the damages of abuse.

Viatrix: Where we can appreciate their beauty and history without the grubby paws of lusty bards snapping strings or splitting drum heads trying to be the next Calissos.

Catrelle: Any other proposals?

Twains: Allow them their use. Make them a focus of learning. Allow students and faculty to learn their scales and their histories with each in their hands. Should they pass into Nirn, so be it.

Catrelle: Thank you, Professor Twains-the-Night. It seems like you have your opinion, supported by Maestros Thaezara, Taenival and Hrofgen. Those who support the honorarium as suggested by Maestro Viatrix? Hands only, please.

Catrelle: You are equally opposed, Four against four. I see a few here who have not opined. Leiborn?

Leiborn: Honorable Headmaestro, though I am the most recently deigned maestro of the college, I defer my vote to my mentor, Maestro Alumnus Farsong.

Catrelle: Honored Alumnus, surely in your wisdom, you can break this fevered debate?

Nel: And you, Catrelle? Have you no opinion?

Catrelle: I abstain from this vote, so as to preserve my bias. I don’t want my position as headmaestro to influence any other votes.

Nel: As I expected.

Nel: My position is irrelevant. As much as I appreciate the inclusion, it is up to the maestros and those professors and honorable guests to come to an agreement—unanimously, I would add—on the subject of these wondrous instruments we have collected. Some even date back to my time as a maestro here. But you should do so with intent, and I have given you a push in this direction.

Yngmaer: What do you mean, honorable one?

Nel: I have, just tonight, collected all of our instruments and stowed them in secret across our lands. You shall not lay eyes or hands upon them until you come to an agreement.

Yngmaer: You have no right!

Taenival: You offend the college itself, old one!

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