AFFresh: Contrabash

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While shopping around Balmora the player encounters rumors leading him to the Razor Hole and Thorek.



Latest Rumors: Thorek over at The Razor Hole sometimes sells smuggled dwarven weapons. I know he doesn't have the sanction of the guild.

Smuggled Dwarven Weapons: It's a big business, but everyone's too busy to make an example of him.


The player reaches out to Thorek and asks him about the rumors.



Latest Rumors: Whatever you heard, I don't deal in smuggled dwarven weapons. You'll find no proscribed enchantments or anything of the like here.

Smuggled Dwarven Weapons: Nothing like that here.

Smuggled Dwarven Weapons: These rumors are going to be the death of me.

Smuggled Dwarven Weapons: Only a fool would try to smuggle something heavy and obvious, like a dwarven battle axe.

Bribing and asking again: I like you, Player. I'm goin got take a big chance here. I have a broken drum here. It needs to be mended, you see? I know a guy who can fix drums. He has a little ship south of Hla Oad called the Grytewake.

-Nevermind: Here I am giving you a chance and you turn it down. Well, that's your buisness.

-Agree to deliver the drum: Right. Here's the drum. It's big, maybe it rattles a bit, but it's just a drum, okay? It just needs someone to mend it, and that someone is named Bedrir and he's on the Grytewake, a ship a little south of Hla Oad. That's a little fishing village on the coast southwest of here. Make sure you get the right ship, too. Don't go to any ship docked at Hal Oad.

Asking again: You deliver that drum yet? It goes to Bedrir at the Grytewake. Not to anyone else.


Thorek gives the player a broken drum and the player heads out to deliver it to Bedrir at the Grytewake.



Smuggled Dwarven Weapons: You're Thorek's new courier? Why didn't he tell me? Well, you got the drum?

-Nevermind: You just wander all the way out here for a chat?

-Give him the drum: Well, alright. I'll get this…mended as fast as I can. Here's your share for the delivery.

Asking again: You delivered the drum, so you can tell Thorek…whatever you want to tell him.


Returning to Thorek the player can report their success.



Smuggled Dwarven Weapons: I thought I could trust you, Player. I might have something extra in my shop from time to time.

Asking again: Come back from time to time. I'll let you see any extra inventory I have.




Alternatively the player can decide to confront a guard and give the drum to them.


Guard(Imperial Legion):

Smuggled Dwarven Weapons: You have one of them right now?

-No, just a rumor: I've heard the rumors. Don't waste me time.

-Yes(hand it over): Well, hand it over. I'll make sure this gets to my captain. He'll make sure it gets brought up with House Hlaalu. We can't just go in and arrest someone in Balmora, an much as we might want to. Here's a small reward from our petty gold for your testimony.




The player can give it over to a Hlaalu guard.



Smuggled Dwarven Weapons: Let me make sure I understood you. You're in possession of dwarven weapons? And Thorek, at the Razor Hole, gave them to you?

-Uh…no, nevermind: I better search you, just in case. My what a heavy drum you have! (The player is given a 1000 gold bounty)

-Emphasize they're from Thorek: We'll search his shop, too, but I can't ignore you admitting to such a serious crime. (The player is given a 1000 gold bounty)

-Empahsize they're from Thorek(Player is in House Hlaalu): Why, that's a serious accusation! I will investigate at once! [Whispers] You're a (rank) and don't know how business is done in Balmora? Thorek's all paid up.




If the player is not careful about who they give it to they can give it to the wrong ship in Hla Oad.


Baleni Salavel:

Smuggled Dwarven Weapons: A what? Oh, from Thorek? Oh, right, of course! You're in the right place. I'm the one you need to deliver it to. Just hand it over, and I'll take care of everything.

-Keep it: You better turn it over. You don't want Thorek mad at you, do you? This is the right ship, and I'm its captain, and that drum belongs to me.

-Give her the drum: Yes, thank you. Here's a little finder's fee, you might call it.


Returning to Thorek



Yer dancin' close to the fire, comin' in here after cheatin' me. Now leave.




If the player belong to the Thieves guild the player can also give the drum to the Thieves Guild who can open it for the player.



Smuggled Dwarven Weapons: Yes, smuggling is one of the guild's — oh, so you have a Thorek Special. Thorek works with the Tong and is no friend of Habasi. If you want, Habasi will open it for you. 100 septims. Maybe what's inside is worth more than that and maybe not.

-Nevermind: Opening a Thorek Special is trickier than it seems. If you want it open, come back to Habasi.

-Yes, open it(pay 100): A mace! Worth a bit more than 100 septims, (Rank). Thorek will be unhappy, but let him stew in his Tong business.


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