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Codex Artaeum: Translation and Analysis

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We're opening another community project about translating a book! Another, because it's the second one since the Shalidor's Insights: A Study project (it's still active, by the way).

There's a book called Codex Artaeum visible in one of the artworks by Lucas Slominski promoting The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. There are three books, actually.

Full size here.

You can also see the full artwork here. What I showed and linked above is a zoom-in at the fragment we're interested in.

There are three books and we hope to get as many people as possible to help us translate as much as possible. Any visible text. Feel free to join and help!

After we have it translated, everyone is welcome to discuss the translated material here or in our Discord server in the dedicated #codex_artaeum channel.

Use this thread or Discord to help eachother during the translation as well. Put the translated material in the google doc below.

Google doc for translation and storing the translated text

Alphabet data:

UESP's Lore:Elven Alphabets

TIL's Aldmeri Alphabets