Coda Soup

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This book makes reference to C0DA the comic and the meaning behind it.
Coda Soup is whatever you want it to be. The Imperials call it stone soup or something like that. It doesn’t mean it has stones in it.

So coda soup doesn't always have coda flowers or coda leaves, but that's how I like to make it.

So I start with ampoule pods. You want to start with them because they have to cook a long time or they're too tough.

No, you start with a pot of boiling water. That should go without saying, but that's what you really start with.

Once the ampoule pods start softening, and it takes a half day or so, and you may need to keep adding water, then you put in some coda leaves. I pick the flowers, too, but I sell those. Mages love 'em for some reason. Soup is soup, but twenty septims is twenty septims.

I like to put in some hound meat, willow anther, coprinus, and trama root. But you can put it whatever you're a fan of, because it's coda soup! Some people like kwama eggs, spore pods, and trama roots. Some people like it with marshmerrow and ash yams, but that's better outside of soup.

So you just let it boil a bit more until everything is cooked to how you like it.

Then you eat it.

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