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The City of Skingrad




Skingrad is located in the heart of West Weald. The city is famous for its wines, tomatoes, and cheeses. The legendary wine of Surilie Brothers Wine and Tamika's West Weald Wine are produced here in the vineyards of Skingrad. The city of Skingrad has been around for more than thousand of years. Back in the First Era, Skingrad was caught in the war with Kvatch for territorial disputes. The political marriage was formed and eventually both cities are joined in an alliance.

The city was divided into three districts: Castle Skingrad, Hightown and Chapel; with the Gold Road divides the city in the middle.

Castle Skingrad is the seat of power of the city. In this castle, Janus Hassildor rules the city. He has reputation as a powerful wizard and has ruled Skingrad for such a long time that even his citizens forget when he took the throne. Although he is a mage, he is not a member of Mages Guild and his relation with the guild waxed and waned all these years. Some wild rumor says that Janus Hassildor is a vampire. However he hates vampires and will do anything to dispatch them.

Spires of Skingrad

The Spires of Skingrad

Castle Skingrad

Castle Skingrad

Hightown on the north, is the place where the commercial buildings such as a general store Colovian Traders, alchemy store All Things Alchemical, and weapon store Hammer and Tongs. One of the inns, West Weald Inn, is located here as well. The district also houses the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild.

Also in Hightown, a beautiful statue of Rislav the Righteous stands proudly. Rislav is one of the kings of Skingrad who resisted and defended the city from the superior force of the Alessian Army back in the First Era.

Statue of Rislav the Righteous

Rislav the Righteous

Skingrad Guard

The Guard with Skingrad guard uniform

The Chapel district on the south houses another inn called Two Sisters Lodge, and obviously the Chapel of Julianos. The God of Knowledge is worshipped here more than other Nine Divines.

Recent Events

The city of Skingrad was spared from Daedric assault after the Champion of Cyrodiil managed to close the Oblivion Gate near the city. By this action, Count Janus Hassildor agreed to lend his troops to participate in the strategic Battle of Bruma.

The Count is also the first one to learn the coming of Mannimarco, the leader of the Necromancer and the archenemy of the Mages Guild. Immediately Count Janus Hassildor warned the guild, although he was not trusted initially as the relation between the Count and the guild was rather poor recently. Later on, this warning is proven real when the guild branch of Bruma was destroyed. This series of events is concluded by the defeat of Mannimarco by the new Archmage of the Mages Guild.

The Alchemist Sinderion managed to learn and produce elixir made from peculiar plant, known as Nirnroot. The Elixir of Exploration, the result of Sinderion's alchemical experiment can help adventurers explore the realms as it will grant the adventurers better visibility in the dark, increase the health and stamina, and also increase some needed skills for exploration. However the price for this rare elixir is rather steep.

One of respected citizens of Skingrad named Glarthir brought a conspiracy theory against him. The paranoid citizen asked help from a stranger which helped him for a while until given up to the never-ending tasks. When he resigned from the jobs, Glarthir attacked him. This eventually ended Glarthir's life as the guards intervened.

The murders in the Summitmist Manor shocked the city. There were six high-class guests in the manor. Five of them were murdered and one missing. It is highly suspected that the missing guest is the murderer, but no evidence found. Rumor says that this accident is all the play of the Dark Brotherhood.