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The City of Leyawiin




The southern city of Leyawiin has colorful population of Argonian and Khajiit. The position of the city is very strategic, for trade as a sea gateway into the heartland from Topal Bay, also for Imperial diplomatic, as it is located between the Black Marsh and Elsweyr. The north and east of the city is mostly swamp, while the south and west provides the city woods and games.

Leyawiin is ruled by the strong hand of the Count Marius Caro, which is proven enough to control the two Beastfolks races from battling each other. The wife of Count Marius Caro is Alessia Caro, the daughter of the righteous and reliable Countess Arriana Valga of Chorrol.

City of Leyawiin

The City of Leyawiin

Castle Leyawiin

Castle Leyawiin

The main road from outside the city comes from the north and divided the city into two districts, Castle Leyawiin on the east and the commoner district. Near the gate from the north, City Watch Barrack is located, and from here the City Watch controls the entire city. The main road then continues west to the commoner district and ends in the west gate.

All the commercial buildings are located in the main road to the west. Near the gate in the west, a beautiful Chapel of Zenithar is located. North and east of the Chapel, come commercial buildings stand. There are 2 inns Five Claws Lodge and Three Sisters' Inn, one armorer The Dividing Line, and a general trader Best Goods and Guarantees. South of the Chapel of Zenithar is the locations of the guilds. Mages Guild, Fighter Guild and the new competitor of Fighters Guild, the Blackwood Company is also located here. This location also houses the only bookstore in the city, Southern Books. The residential area is located between the Chapel of Zenithar and the main road to Castle Leyawiin. The north part is for the low-class citizens, while the south is for more wealthy citizens.

Statue of Topal the Pilot

Statue of Topal the Pilot

Leyawiin Guard

The Guard with Leyawiin guard uniform

In the southwest area, there is a beautiful statue. It represents Topal the Pilot, the First Era, the Aldmeri explorer, who charted the sea-lanes around Tamriel and discovered the River Niben. The bay between Black Marsh and Elsweyr is named after him.

Recent Events

During the Oblivion Crisis, an Oblivion gate was opened near the city by the Mythic Dawn cult, but before the Daedra launched their full assault, the gate was destroyed by the Champion of Cyrodiil. This action permitted Count Marius Caro to send his force to help defend Bruma during the critical Battle of Bruma.

Leyawiin had been troubled for sometime by a criminal gang led by an Orc named Black Brugo. An Orcish former companion of Black Brugo, called Mazoga, with the help from a stranger in town managed to slay Black Brugo. Together both Mazoga and the stranger, were bestowed the title Knights of White Stallion by the Count. It is rumored that the stranger is the Champion of Cyrodiil. Lady Alessia Caro, despite of her high reputation, had a shameful accident recently. She was caught organizing a party when all the guests were naked. This accident is quickly covered by the authority and forgotten. Furthermore, rumors of her ruthless and cunning ways when dealing with the Beastfolks are widely spread out and exaggerated. Certain artifacts were recovered during the Oblivion Crisis; they are Garridan Tears, Eye of Nocturnal, Mace of Zenithar and Staff of the Everscamp. Garridan Tears are crystals found in the far north, near Bruma. They were believed to be the crystallized tears of the knight Garridan that was frozen and failed in his mission. The Eye of Nocturnal is certain artifact of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. The exact function is shrouded in mystery as the Daedric Prince herself. The Mace of Zenithar is one of the Crusader Relics, and recovered by the Divine Crusader in his quest to defeat Umaril the Unfeathered. Staff of the Everscamp, one of the artifacts of Sheogorath, was found its way to a collector named Rosentia Gallenus. But instead of bringing fame or satisfaction, it caused four immortal Scamps materialized and annoying the collector and the surrounding neighbors. A helpful stranger helped Rosential Gallenus to dispatch the staff. One of the shocked news lately was the assassination of Adamus Phillida. He was the commander of Imperial Legion for about 40 years. During his period in office, he was always opposing the Dark Brotherhood; his head is high priced by the assassin guild. Just after his retirement, the Dark Brotherhood could launch its revenge. This assassination shocked the entire city and the Imperial City as well. The other news that shocked the city is the elimination of the Blackwood Company by Fighters Guild. The whole story is worthy of a volume of its own.