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The City of Kvatch




Kvatch is located in West Weald, near the border of Gold Coast. The exact date of the founding of Kvatch is unknown, but we know the city has been around for more than thousand of years. The historian recorded that back in the First Era, along with Skingard and other Colovia kingdoms, Kvatch resisted the hegemony of the Alessian Order. Soon this movement was supported and followed by the Direnni clan of High Rock and King Wulfharth of Skyrim.

The kingdom of Kvatch is the only city in Cyrodiil that has an arena. The Chapel of Akatosh, the only chapel in the city, worships the Dragon God of Time more than other Nine Divines.

During the third century of the Third Era, Camoran Usurper from Valenwood launched his conquest north to Hammerfell and High Rock. Kvatch and Colovia were in the way. Antus Pinder led a hopeless defense against a superior force. Despite a grave defeat, his statue stands in Kvatch to honor his courage and spirit.

Sadly, when the time of this guide is written, the great city of Kvatch has been destroyed by the Daedric horde from Oblivion. Kvatch's ruler, Count Ormellius Goldwine and the rest of his family are killed in the assault. The only high-ranking officer that survived the assault is Savlian Matius. Together with Champion of Cyrodiil and the remaining of his troops, Savlian Matius managed to cleanse the city from Daedra. He then stayed in the ruined castle, and vowed to rebuild the city. The remaining force of Kvatch also valiantly defended Bruma in the strategic Battle of Bruma.

Ruined Chapel of Akatosh

Ruined Chapel of Akatosh

Ruined Castle Kvatch

Ruined Castle Kvatch

Statue of Antus Pinder

The Statue of Antus Pinder

Kvatch Guard

The Guard with Kvatch guard uniform


Kvatch City

This is the impression of the city before its destruction by the Oblivion force.
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