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The City of Chorrol




The city of Chorrol is located on the northern of West Weald, bordering Colovia Highland. The city is famous for its Great Oak in the middle of the city. The Great Oak itself becomes the symbol of this city. The city was founded by Kantus Jeril, a hero of Pale Pass battle in the First Era.

Healer's Hand

The Touch of Healer's Hand

The Great Oak

The Great Oak

Today, the city is governed by Countess Arriana Valga. Her husband the Count Charus Valga was killed in the skirmish against the Nords. Cauntess Arriana Valga is also the mother of Alessia Caro, Countess of Leyawiin.

There are five districts of Chorrol: Fountain Gate, Castle Chorrol, Chapel of Stendarr, Great Oak Place, and West Chorrol.

Fountain Gate is one of the gateways into Chorrol, directly from Black Road to the Imperial City. A statue, which bears the name of the Touch of Healer's Hand, landmarks this district. The statue represents St. Osla, the Second Era healer, who was ministering the fallen of the Sack of Sancre Tor; a great memorial for anyone who died during the battle.

The Fountain Gate district has two inns, Oak and Crosier and The Grey Mare, a general store Northern Goods and Trade and a smith Fire and Steel.

From Fountain Gate there are three streets. One goes to the Castle Chorrol, the two others are go to Chapel of Stendarr and Great Oak Place.

Castle Chorrol

The Castle Chorrol

Chorrol Guard

The Guard with Chorrol guard uniform

Castle Chorrol is located on the east of the city. This is the seat of power of Chorrol. Countess Arriana Valga governs the city from this castle.

The Chapel of Stendarr on the west is the only chapel in the city. Stendarr, the God of Mercy is specially worshipped here among the other Nine Divines. The statue of Stendarr stands near this chapel. There is a bookstore named Renoit's Books in this district.

Inside the Chapel of Stendarr, the Gauntlets of the Crusader lies in the western corner. Nobody can move or lift the gauntlets. The knight who wielded the gauntlets is cursed by Stendarr as he slew a beggar just in the chapel of the God of Mercy. The gauntlets fell and nobody could ever move it.

Just walk a little to the south; the residential area for the lower class citizens is located here. The houses mostly built from woods and arranged orderly in circle arrangement with a well as the center.

The Great Oak Place is housing the prestigious people of the city; also the guilds of Mages and Fighters are located here. In the center of the district, there is a great ancient oak. This ancient oak becomes the symbol of the city. The headquarter of the Fighters Guild is located in this city, with Vilena Donton as its Master.

Recent Events

Chorrol was saved from ransacking by the force of Oblivion, as the Oblivion Gate, which was opened by Mythic Dawn cult outside the city, had been closed by the Champion of Cyrodiil. This condition allowed Countess Valga to lend her army in the critical Battle of Bruma.

After various accidents with Blackwood Company, the Master of Fighters Guild, Vilena Donton eventually resigned from her post. Replacing the position is a promising guild member, who defeated the Blackwood Company in Leyawiin single-handedly.

The Gauntlets of the Crusader could finally be moved and wielded, after a new Divine Crusader lifted Stendarr's curse to the descendant of the fallen knight. The Gauntlets are one of the key instruments to defeat the ancient Ayleid king Umaril the Unfeathered.

There was a shocking accident in the Castle of Chorrol, the stealing of a memorable and important painting of Count Charus Valga. It was not known to the public whether the painting was eventually recovered or not, still the stealing itself brought a scandal of its own.

A certain tome of magic was recovered by the Mages Guild of Chorrol branch from the ruins of Cloud Top. The tome contains one of the most destructive spells of the mages arsenal, Finger of the Mountain. It is quite an achievement for the Chorrol branch of Mages Guild.

The resident of southern settlement of Hackdirt was reported worship mystical creatures known as the Deep Ones. From time-to-time perform a ritual killing as a sacrifice to the Deep Ones is performed. Recently they kidnapped a female citizen of Chorrol as a sacrifice; luckily she was escaped and informed the City Watch. This revelation outraged the city, yet as this guide is written no action was taken against Hackdirt's residents.

Various creatures roam the area near Chorrol, and sometime these creatures bring trouble to surrounding farms. It was reported that a farm of Odiil family was raided by goblins. The raid was eventually repelled. This accident increased people awareness of their safety in the wilderness.

Also it is reported that the settlement of Weatherleah is being rebuilt by the Jemane Brothers. Prior to this event, the Jemane Brothers was separated. One in Chorrol and the other was in Cheydinhal. They finally reunited and decided to rebuild their ancestral home of Weatherleah.