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The City of Cheydinhal




The city of Cheydinhal is located in the far east of the Imperial City, near the border of Morrowind. The city is influenced by Dunmeri culture and architectures; and ruled by a Dunmer, Count Andel Indarys of House Hlaalu. His wife, Lady Llathasa Indarys was passed away recently. A sculpture of her was created by unnamed artist and high valued by the Count and the city itself. His only son, Farwil Indarys, is fascinated by the knighthood of the Empire. He formed his own named Knights of the Thorn, with its headquarter just few paces outside the city wall.

The Count seems a little bit occupied and some daily business is neglected. He relies on managing the city to the Captain of the Guard, Ulrich Leland. Leland is a ruthless and strong, not many dare to oppose him directly.

Cheydinhal Guard

The Guard with Cheydinhal guard uniform

Castle Cheydinhal

Castle Cheydinhal

The city of Cheydinhal is divided into three districts, Castle Cheydinhal in the northwest, the Market in the southwest and the Chapel in the southeast across the Corbolo River.

The Castle in the northwest is the seat of power of the city; Count Andel Indarys rules the city from this castle.

The Market district is the location of all the commercial buildings and guild houses. The inns called Newlands Lodge and Cheydinhal Bridge Inn are located right after the gate in the west. Followed by a general store Borba's Goods and Stores, an armorer The March Rider, and a bookstore Mach-Na's Books. The Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild are also located here.

South of the Mages Guild stands a statue of Galerion the Mystic. He is the founder of the Mages Guild back in the third century of the Second Era.

The Chapel district is the location of the Chapel of Arkay and various residential buildings. And from here the main road to the east ends with a secured and guarded double door gate.

Galerion the Mystic Statue

Statue of Galerion the Mystic

Chapel of Arkay

The Chapel of Arkay

In the Chapel district a mysterious abandoned house is located. This abandoned house is never spoken of publicly, and the Count refuses to even acknowledge its existence. Rumor has it that it is the base of the assassin guild, the Dark Brotherhood.

Recent Events

During the Oblivion Crisis, the young and reckless prince Farwil Indarys and his Knights of the Thorn stormed an Oblivion gate near the city. Most of his knights were killed inside the gate. The Champion of Cyrodill in his quest to gather allies for Bruma had to save him. As the Oblivion gate was closed by the Champion of Cyrodiil, Farwil and one surviving member of the Knights of the Torn, were transported back to Cheydinhal. The Count delighted on the successful rescue, rewarded one of his magical heirlooms to the Champion of Cyrodiil, and he agreed to send a contingent of soldiers to defend Bruma.

Later on, the Chapel of Arkay was attacked by Aurorans of Umaril the Unfeathered, the ancient Ayleid king. Luckily, the Divine Crusader arrived at that time and helped the priests and priestess repelled the Daedra. The Divine Crusader then consecrated the Sword of Crusader that he recovered from the Underpall Cave. This sword is one of the key instruments to defeat the Ayleid king.

The Captain of the Guard, Ulrich Leland is caught doing corruption. Prior, the Captain with his strict law put heavy fines for any trivial fault, and his recent action caused a death to a citizen. A stranger in town, hired by the concerned neighbor of the deceased citizen, managed to collect the evidence that the fines from the city ended to Leland’s coffer. Ulrich Leland was fired and jailed, Garrus Darelliun replaced his position.

Cheydinhal has its own share of criminals; one of the prized possessions of the city and the Count, the Bust of Llathasa was stolen. The statuette made in memory of the recently deceased Lady Llathasa Indarys, the wife of the Count. The statuette was eventually recovered and returned by the Imperial City Watch Captain, Hieronymus Lex, after he raid the Waterfront District of Imperial City.

Also, a mysterious massacre occurred recently; somehow these killings were connected to the abandoned house in the eastern part of the city. The guard, the citizen, even the Count refused to talk about this incident. It is rumored that the Dark Brotherhood doing some kind of cleansing of its troublesome members.

Other thievery is involving the magical brush of the artist Rythe Lythandas. The magical brush allows the artist to paint from within a canvas by opening a portal into the painting. A thief managed to steal his magical brush, when caught he opened a portal into a painting and jumped into it. Lythandas followed him. The thief created some painted trolls to guard him, but instead they killed him and blocked the portal. A stranger in town, hired by Lythandas’ wife entered the painting and killed all the painted trolls, and helped Lythandas escaped from the painting.