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The City of Bruma




The chilling northern city of Bruma lies near the border of Skyrim. The Nordic architecture is clearly visible in the various houses in the city. The inhabitants build their dwellings with the wood harvested from the native forests of the High Jeralls. In order to conserve heat, the houses are built partly below ground level.

This city often works closely with neighboring Cloud Ruler Temple, the bastion of the Blades. Bruma is ruled by Countess Narina Carvain, a strong woman with cunning political skill. Ruling over a bunch of Nords is not an easy task.

Entering Bruma from the east, one will find himself facing the great statue of Talos or better known as Tiber Septim, the first Emperor of the Septim Dynasty. The statue of Talos is directly in the front of the Chapel of Talos, it is obvious the city worships Talos more than the other Nine Divines.

City of Bruma

The City of Bruma

Talos Statue

The Statue of Talos

There is no specific district separation like the other cities, however there are four levels of lands in Bruma. The first lowest level of the city is used for residential area. An budget inn, Olav's Tap and Tack, is located in this level.The second level is the place where the Chapel of Talos, the two guilds of fighters and mages, and the smith Hammer and Axe are located. The third level, housing other commercial buildings such as the inn called Jerall View Inn, the general store Novaroma and the clothing and arms store Nord Winds. Also in this level, there is a gateway to the north, to the Cloud Ruler Temple and beyond.

Castle Bruma

Castle Bruma

Bruma Guard

The Guard with Bruma guard uniform

The last level, the highest land of the city is where the Castle Bruma stands. Castle Bruma is secure and well defended. The Countess Narina Carvain is interested by anything Akaviri. She is ready for paying a large sum of money for any Akaviri artifacts. It is understandable that the Castle is decorated with some beautiful and intricate Akaviri artifacts.

Recent Events

During the Oblivion Crisis, and after the liberation of Kvatch, Martin Septim made a critical strategy to defeat the Oblivion force. By closing the other gates throughout Cyrodiil, and having the borrowed armies from the other cities; Martin decided to face the Daedra head on. The Daedra had to defeat Bruma as it is the last city, which has the Oblivion gate opened, in order to create a foothold for the invasion.

Martin Septim himself led the defender of Bruma, and with the help of Champion of Cyrodiil, he managed to defeat the Oblivion force. By winning this battle he got two advantages. The first is the legitimate he needed for the dragon throne and also the increasing moral for Cyrodiil to face the Daedra. The second benefit is the Great Sigil Stone. He needs this stone to open a portal to the dimension where Mankar Camoran, the leader of the Mythic Dawn cult, escaped with the Amulet of Kings. The rest of the story can be read in Oblivion Storyline.

The citizen of Bruma later erected a statue of the Champion of Cyrodiil, which is located in the northern gate of Bruma, to honor the deed of the champion.

Other notable event is the recovery of an Akaviri amulet known as Draconian Madstone by a treasure hunter from its secret location in Pale Pass. The place where the great battle between Reman I and the Akaviri horde took place thousands years ago. The Treasure Hunter was finally able to retrieved the amulet after delivering the secret order that he found near a long dead messenger to the ghost of Akaviri Commander, Mishaxhi. The treasure hunter was hired by none other than Countess Narina Carvain, and now the Draconian Madstone decorates the Castle Bruma County Hall.

Another event that shocked Bruma is the destruction of the Mages Guild branch by Mannimarco, the leader of the Necromancer. The destruction is the first critical move by the Necromancer, after the Necromancer managed to acquire certain high level mages to its side. Half of the Mages Guild council resigned and went to join the Necromancer. Although the war eventually won by the Mages Guild, but its Archmage, Hannibal Traven, was forced to sacrifice himself in order to weaken the power of Mannimarco, and eventually became a catalyst of Mannimarco's demise.

One of the citizens of the city was declared as a vampire and killed by a vampire hunter. This news shocked the city of Bruma. However, from extensive investigation, it was eventually known that the citizen was not a vampire at all, and he was killed by the self-proclaimed vampire hunter in order to procure his key to open certain treasure chest. The vampire hunter was slain when he tried to escape and the order of the city was restored.

Another criminal activity occurred and involving one of the Bruma jailors named Tyrellius Logellus. A petty group of two criminals was known to collect some riches. Logellus tried to acquire the loot for his own; he imprisoned one of the members of the group and killed the other. A stranger, who was hired previously by the killed criminal, eventually learned the location of the loot and when he came to the exact place, he was assaulted by Logellus. Tyrellius Logellus was killed in the fight, and the stranger escaped with the riches.