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The City of Bravil




The Nibenay city of Bravil is located strategically on the shore of Niben Bay. The quality of life in this city is the lowest among the other Cyrodiilic cities, this resulted the increasing criminal activities. Bravil's night air is damp and noisome because of the river channels that serve as Bravil's sewers, and because of the nearby swamps where insects and diseases breed in abundance.

City of Bravil

The City of Bravil

Castle Bravil

Castle Bravil

The city was once an Ayleid settlement. Back in the First Era, during the rebellion of Men from the Ayleid rule, the Alessian Army attacked the settlement. The leader Teo Bravillius Tasus, managed to defeat the cunning magic user Ayleid. The modern city is named after him.

Nowadays, the city is governed by Count Regulus Terentius. Once, he was known for his prowess in the tournaments, now he is known to his people as an incompetent ruler, wasting his time in his castle drunk.

Bravil Guard

The Guard with Bravil guard uniform

Lucky Old Lady

The Lucky Old Lady

The Lucky Old Lady statue in the middle of the city, in front of the Chapel of Mara is considering as a symbol of the good fortune. The statue was ancient. The legend says that the statue represents a poor miserable lady who unknowingly helped an Imperial Prince. The Prince came back and showered her with riches, which she, generously shared with all the people of Bravil, where she lived to a content old age. The statue will share fortune to whoever touches it.

The commercial buildings and the guilds are located from the north of the city; near the city gate continue to the south following the main road. The inn Silverhome on the Water is located directly near the north city gate, followed by a general store The Fair Deal, the Fighters Guild, the magic shop A Warlock's Luck and the Mages Guild. The archery shop The Archer's Paradox and the inn The Lonely Suitor Lodge, are located across the river.

Recent Events

During the Olivion Crisis, the Champion of Cyrodiil managed to close the Oblivion gate near the city and this allowed the Count to lend his army to battle the Daedra in the critical Battle of Bruma.

The Lucky Old Lady statue has sinister purpose. It was reported that dark figures stand encircled the statue one night and chanted an eerie phrases. The statue twisted and revealed a secret door to a secret underground chamber. What happened inside is never known and nobody could move the statue again. It was rumored that the whole dark issue is the business of the Dark Brotherhood.

Other supernatural phenomenon is the appearance of ghost famous as The Forlorn Watchman. A ghost appeared outside of the city every night and eventually became tourist attraction. After a while quite suddenly the ghost never shows up again. It was reported that someone soothed the ghost. Why and how is never known to the public.

Also there is a report of someone trapped in his own dream. This odd accident was actually an experiment by a member of Mages Guild. Another member of the guild eventually entered the dream and released him. This embarrassed accident was known to the public, the Bravil branch of Mages Guild had quite a bad name because of it.

There are many criminal activities in Bravil. One of quite shocking is the luring of unsuspecting people to an ancient fort to be hunted in a deadly hunting. Luckily the hunt was eventually vanquished, although the action was not done by the law enforcement of Bravil. The fort still stands these days as a tombstone for whoever killed in the deadly game.

Lately, the city of Bravil was shocked by the sudden appearance of a strange island in the middle of Niben Bay. An island with a strange portal to another realm, which is formed like a three faced merged into one. Intriguing, the Count sent a guard to investigate the island. The guard heard voices and found out that people were drawn to the island to enter the portal. Occasionally one or two people came back from the portal and they had lost their mind. Cannot do anything, the guard just stood there warning whoever try to enter the portal and watchful for any trouble from the people who came out from it.

Shivering Isles Gate

Shivering Isles Gate

It was the portal to the Shivering Isle, the realm of the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath. He was looking for certain hero to stop the thousand-year cycle of Greymarch. The lengthy story of this Greymarch is legendary and worthy a volume of its own.