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The City of Anvil




The eastern coastal city is the seaside gate to the land of the Imperial. Located in the Gold Coast, the most western part of Cyrodiil and flourishing by trading from throughout of Tamriel. The ships from Summerset Isle across the Abecean Sea, from High Rock, Skyrim and even from faraway Morrowind can be seen arriving and trading in the docks of Anvil.

Anvil Docks

The Docks of Anvil

Castle Anvil

Castle Anvil

Earlier in the third century of the Third Era, a notorious pirate organization known as Red Sabre occupied the area where Anvil currently located. A young admiral known as Fasil Umbranox is sent by Septim Emperor and eventually defeated the pirates and destroyed the pirate den. The Emperor rewarded the land to the brave admiral and appointed him to be the first Count.

The Umbranox family still rules Anvil to these days. Currently, Anvil is ruled by Countess Millona Umbranox. Roughly a decade ago, Her husband, Corvus Umbranox was lost. She is benevolent ruler and loved by her people.

The city of Anvil is divided into five districts, Castle Anvil, Harborside, Chapelgate, Westgate and Guildgate.

Castle Anvil is the seat of power of the city of Anvil. This is where the Countess governs the entire city.

Harborside is located between the Lighthouse of Anvil and Castle Anvil. The docks are not worn for heavy use of loading and unloading the goods. Peoples from various races and origin gather here to do chatting, working, and plotting. It is no secret that these docks have their own share of wharf rats, thieves and ruffians. Even there is rumor that certain members of Thieves Guild operates in Anvil, although always denied by the officials. Two inns are located in these docks, the Flowing Bowl and the Fo'c's'le; also a general shop, Lelles' Quality Merchandise.

The Chapelgate is the gate between Castle Anvil and the Chapel area. The beautiful Chapel of Dibella can be seen miles from outside the city, as it is the tallest building in the city. A beautiful garden with Dibella statue is located here. Anvil itself is the city of Dibella. Just east of the Chapel stands the notorious Benirus Manor. It was once occupied by Lorgren Benirus the Necromancer. He was killed decades ago by the mob.

The Westgate is the gate between Harborside and the residential area. The Count's Arms, a bigger and more luxurious inn, is located here.

The Guildgate is the area where the Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild are located. The guilds are located directly opposite the main gate to the Gold Road to Kvatch and to the Imperial City. Morvayn's Peacemakers, a weapon and armor shop is located here.

Anvil Guard

The Guard with Anvil guard uniform


Selkie of West Skerry

A beautiful statue of Selkie of West Skerry landmarks the Guildgate district. The legend says that a sailor lover of the seal-maid, stole her skin, hoping for the seal-maid never leaving him back to the sea. However the sailor's wife knew this adultery, and secretly cut the skin in half and put it so that Selkie could find it. When Selkie donned the skin, she found that she neither seal nor maid, but half-seal and half-maid. Ashamed, she fled the land, but the legend has it that she guides lost mariners through the dense fogs of the Gold Coast.

Recent Events

An Oblivion Gate was created outside the city by the Mystic Dawn cult during the Oblivion Crisis. Before the Daedric force could launch its attack, the Champion of Cyrodiil entered the gate and closed it. This action permitted the Countess to lend her troops defending the city of Bruma from the force of Oblivion in the strategic Battle of Bruma.

Later on, the Chapel of Dibella was attacked by another force of Oblivion, the Aurorans of Umaril the Unfeathered; an ancient Ayleid king who wanted to destroy the kingdoms of Men and defile the Nine Divines. All the priests and priestesses were slain. Mysteriously, following the murder, a mysterious Prophet arrived and challenged the people to do a series of quests to defeat the ancient Ayleid king. A stranger answered, he eventually collected the artifacts known as the Crusader Relics and became the Divine Crusader. He defeated Umaril the Unfeathered. The prophet vanished after the Umaril’s defeat.

There are lots of criminal activities in the docks of Anvil, such as robbery by some attractive females or thievery by a gang of Bosmer, but a massacre of an entire ship was never happened before. The entire crews of the ship known as Serpent's Wake were slain. The vengeful spirits of the dead haunted the ship. A hero, hired by the ship's owner, entered the ship and managed to sooth all the spirits. Rumor has it that the massacre was one of the Dark Brotherhood's activities.

During this period of time, suddenly the Count Corvus Umbranox returned. His wife, and the rest of Anvil surprised of learning his return. However, his whereabouts for about a decade is not publicized; people speculate and some wild rumor says that he was somehow associated to the Thieves Guild, a statement that obviously denied by the royal family of Anvil.