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Celeste's Note

Librarian Comment: 

Book added by Dead Man's Dread from the Creation Club

The crew always asks me, how can we be pirates if we ain't got no ship?
And I tell them, we're Blackwater Brigands, we don't need no stinking ship. We can rob folks on land.
And they ask me, but don't that make us bandits?
And I tell them, good point. Maybe we should find us a ship.
I heard there's a grand old sea cow over at Blackbone Isle. Might even have more loot than the Golden Galleon, the one the old Imperial used to tell stories about when I first joined up.
From what I hear, the isle ain't too far from here. We could probably steal a boat from the wrecks up north. The problem is, no one's been to the isle in ages, and we ain't got a map.
So the crew asks me, how we gonna find Blackbone Isle if we don't know where it is?
And I tell them, shut up, I'm working on it.