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Librarian Comment: 

Map, you say? Yes we have maps. Our collection ranges from the time of Tiber Septim's conquest until today at the end of the Septim Dynasty. Once, Maiko the Cartographer said, "Maps are like people, did you know that Cyrus? There are good maps, bad maps, indifferent maps. You shouldn't trust most maps, they'll lead you astray if you give them a chance. An honest map is rarer than a true friend, remember that, young sir." Each map has its time and the cartography techniques. Places change over time, city founded while others destroyed. What's more, the cartography techniques evolve. The new technique renders the old technique obsolete, as well as the result of the old technique, the map itself. Still we collect and archive the maps, old or new; complete or incomplete; accurate or inaccurate, as the map also represents the historical data and the evolution of the world. Without further blabbering, let me open the map archives.