Caravan Captain’s Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Book added by Sunder & Wraithguard from the Creation Club

We met with Sadras and picked up the cargo. At least their captain seemed in better spirits, but the others looked exhausted. To make matters worse, the air was flush with news about the caravans who didn’t make it, sieged by Dwarven automatons on the road to Whiterun.

My worry is such fears will find their way into the minds of my men. Especially when the details of their stories seem to corroborate, it only serves to throw more kindling on the flame.

Hopefully the other captains have a plan. We’ve had a few deserters already, and we’ll need every available body if these attacks continue. It’ll be difficult to convince the men to leave the safety of the tavern for the terrors of the unknown.

Even without this Dwarven nonsense, the road ahead will only get more perilous given the copious bandits, wolves, and other dangers on the road. Captain Inodes has asked us to take a detour with the Dres caravan to Falkreath. Staying off the main road might provide us some cover.

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