Caius Cosades’ Letter

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Author (in-game): Caius Cosades

This text was posted sometime in the second half of 2006 on the official Elder Scrolls forums.

Right worthy and worshipful Olana,

I trust this finds you in better health than last you wrote. I am much concerned for you. You do too much, and think too little of your own comforts. This does you credit, but is a great source of worry for your friends.

Thank you for the enclosed Black Horse Courier. It is hard to think of Kvatch and all the good friends I have lost there. Has Father Ilav shown any signs of recovery? He was ever so patient with me when first I came to Kvatch. I know I was not an obedient or diligent novice.

I cannot say for certain, but I believe I may be able to return to Cyrodiil for the fair. The Courier is not quite clear about the dates or locations; please let me know when you have details. I presume the fair will be held in the city or thereabouts, and I trust I may depend on your hospitality.

There is little to report from Kragenmoor. As you may well imagine, interest in our Akatosh shrine has increased ten-fold since His miraculous intervention. We experienced little of the Gate disruptions you saw in Cyrodiil, but what we did see wonderfully focused the minds of skeptics, back-sliders, and old-guard Tribunal worshipers on the manifold glories and powers of the Nine. As I have told you, House Hlaalu has always been but a lukewarm guest to the feast of the Nine, but I am seeing more heart-felt interest in divine counsel and prayer than in years past. It is unfortunate that only such a terrible calamity can awaken the mind and spirit to the comforts of the Faith.

As always, I look forward to your next letter with enthusiasm, and even more to seeing you and visiting the fair. I enclosed a pressed mountain bluebell, the first of the season. I hope it brings you pleasure.

yr. obt. srvt.,
Brother Caius

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