Letter to Mother

Author (in-game): Brother Piner


Please don’t worry. The Elder Council knows what it is doing. Uriel was an old man. They knew he wouldn’t live forever, and I’m sure they had plans for the succession. Of course, now with the three princes dead, it’s not clear who will be the next emperor, but it’s happened before — there are precedents, I’m sure — and anyway, Ocato and the Council have been running the Empire for the past 15 years anyway. So there’s nothing to worry about. Everything will be fine.

I don’t know what you’ve read or heard, but here at the Priory everyone seems to think it must have been madmen or witches or crazy cultists. It doesn’t look at all political. It’s horrible and depressing, but the Empire will survive. There will not be rioting or civil war or another Warp in the West. So please. If you like, go stay with Uncle Korr and Aunt Harrah on the farm for a while. But I’m certain you’ll be perfectly safe in the City. I’ll try to get down to visit as soon as possible. And I hope to hear from you soon.

your loving son,

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