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After speaking to Hrisskar and either accepting or turning down his job you can speak to Raflod the Braggart for more work.


Raflod the Braggart:

I overheard you talking to Hrisskar. Are you interested in jobs like that? Not afraid of getting caught, are you?

Jobs: I need someone who can open a lock without being seen and fetch a book for me. You in?

Fetch a book: There's a log book in the Census and Excise Warehouse Here in Seyda Neen. There's at least two copies of it. One is always kept upstairs, and the one will be harder to steal. There should be another one near the storage area. Fetch it and bring it back to me and I'll make it worth your time.


The player having accepted the job breaks into the Census and Excise Warehouse and steals one of the two books and returns to Raflod.


Raflod the Braggart:

Fetch a book: Did you find it?

-Say no: If you can't get it, I'll have to hire someone else.

–Give him the book: Good work, Player. Here's your share. I know someone who really wants this book. No, I don't know why, and I didn't ask. Let me know if you want more jobs. Here, a book for a book I always say. This one has a lesson for you. (The player receives Surfeit of Thieves book)

–Give him the book(both copies): Ha! You got both of them! I won't get any more for delivering two of them, but I think you deserve a little bonus. Let me know if you want more jobs. And here, a book for a book I always say. This one has a lesson for you. (The player receives Surfeit of Thieves book and 250 gold)

Jobs: I have a few clients who collect rare books. Some of them have strange tastes. One of them wants a copy of The Prayers of Baranat. Fortunately, I have heard this book was recently stolen by the Galdres Gang.

Prayers of Baranat: I've heard their hideout is the Punammu cave. It's easy to get to, but a little bit of a walk. Head up the road to Pelagiad and keep going northeast until you hit Lake Amaya, then keep going east alon gthe southern shore. If you reach the Dren Plantation, you've gone too far.

Galdres Gang: That's what the folks in Pelagiad are calling them. A bit of a local nuisance.


The player heads to Punammu and finds the book and returns to Raflod.


Raflod the Braggart:

Prayers of Baranat: Did you find it?

-Not yet: Don't keep bothering me unless you've got the goods.

-Give him the book: I'm sure the client will be pleased. Here's your share of the bounty. Let me know if youw ant more jobs. (The player receives 200 gold)

Jobs: Another client has some interest in House Dres. There's not many Dres around here, but they're a big deal on the mainland. There's an old Guide for House Dres in the Sarys Ancestral Tomb a bit west of here. You in?

Guide for House Dres: Tombs everywhere have ghosts, but especially here in Morrowind where the Dunmer worship the dead instead of hiring a priest. You can't hit ghosts with a normal weapon. It needs to be enchanted, silver, or some even more expensive material. Me? I like to use a jinkblade. The best targets stand still as I always say. You need one?

-Ask for a short blade: Ah, a (race) after my own heart. Here's one of my old ones.

-Ask for a long blade: A popular choice. You know your typical longswords. There's a ton of them.

-Ask for a spear: Spearman, eh? You train with the legion?

-Ask for a blunt weapon: A solid choice. Heh. Get it?

-Ask for an axe: An axe? You want an axe? Hm. Maybe. Let's see… Ah, this will work. Good luck.

-Darts: You can have these. We used to play darts here at Arrille's, but I won too much.

-Decline the offer: If you think you can handle them, it's none of my business.

Asking again: Oh, right. I already gave you one.


The player will find the book “Cunning, Contempt, Confusion” within the Sarys Ancestral Tomb. They can also find a few more interesting notes “A letter from Oran Dres“, “Second letter from Oran Dres“, “Third letter from Oran Dres“, and “Fourth letter from Oran Dres


Raflod the Braggart:

Jobs: Did you find the guide for House Dres? Hope the ghosts didn't bug you too much.

Guide for House Dres: Did you find that book about House Dres?

-Not yet: Well, Keep looking. I don't know how long this client will be willing to pay.

-Yes(Give the book): Yes, this is it. I haven't been paid yet for this one, but here, I'll give you this book someone else fetched for me. The client said it was the wrong one. Something about VI vs IV. Maybe it's worth something to a merchant. (Raflod gives the player The wolf queen, Book VI)

Asking again: Interesting book, but I suspect its a bit out of date. Looks like it was written a couple hundred years ago.

Jobs: This might be the last job I have right now. Instead of a book this time, I need someone to fetch a memorystone.

Fetch a Memorystone: It's kind of like a book, but more like you live a few minutes of their life. The Smarys family has a tomb on the coast west of here. It's just past that peninsula I told you about last time. Just keep following the coastline. You can't miss it. But if you get to the Odai River, you've gone too far.

Samarys family: Eccentrics. They adopted foreigners into their family. Caused a bit of a stink. The tomb is probably full of all kinds of odd stuff the family collected. Lore Brinne was a big deal when I was growing up. Maybe you've heard of 'The Mage of House Redoran' Adririi Samarys? No? Medram? Falaso? Molsh gro-Ghartrook? Telura? Fragrant Valtulius? Well, maybe you'll meet their ghosts.


The payer heads to the Samarys Ancestral Tomb and obtain the “Nemon's Memorystone”. They also come across a few more rare books “The eye of Argonia“, “House of the Big Walker“, and “Books of Sand v1


Raflod the Braggart:

Jobs: I asked you to fetch a memorystone. Did you find one?

Fetch a memorystone: Did you find the memorystone yet?

-Not yet: Well, com eback when you have it. Did you get a Ghost-fighting weapon?

-Yes(give book: Whoah, whoah. Ugh. Hold…Hold on a sec. I…gotta put that one in a sack before I deliver it. Wow. I guess I see why the client wanted it. Here's a little extra gold for that one. And a few more lockpicks in case you're running low. I go through them like yam chips.

Asking again: I've tried one before. A memorystone. Nothing like that one, though. The one I had was just a high elf jumping off a waterfall and barely surviving it. A thrill sure, but nothing like that one. Ugh. That's gonna stick with me.

Jobs: I don't have any more special work right now.


The player received 300 gold and 4 Journeyman lockpicks from Raflod who has unfortunately ran out of jobs for the player.


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