The Boy Who Became a Kagouti, traditional Dark Elven tale

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There was once an unruly boy who refused to respect his elders.

“Eat your bittergreens,” commanded his mother, and the boy said, “I won’t!”

“Bow your head to your ancestors,” commanded his father, and the boy said, “I won’t!”

And so it went, day and night, until one afternoon when the boy explored the nearby fen. He smelled the scent of sweet yam pie and followed it to a strange house. The pie sat unattended on the sill and he made to grab it when an old man came forth.

“Leave my pie be!” commanded the wizard, and the boy said, “I won’t!”

“If you wish to behave like a wild kagouti, then so be it!” cried the wizard.

Just like that, the boy became a kagouti. He ran back to his home and roared in despair, but his father chased him away with a shovel, for everyone knows kagouti are dangerous and diseased. Never again would he play with his friends or enjoy his favorite treats. Don’t make the same mistake as the boy who became a kagouti.

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