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Book of Spells


The Known and the Forgotten

Mages Guild Floor Image

And safeguard that the Congeries shall not be abused by prideful wizards, confident in their skill and blinded by their ambitions. In this, hold the ordering of the Congeries among the oldest and most trusted of mages, and make secure this ordering through arcane codes and keys to confound even the most clever students.
-The Vagaries of Magicka


Our world was born from Magicka. It flows from the Aetherius, bathing the land in its power. Magicka is the raw energy from which Mages and other magic-users fashion their spells.

Tamriel’s history is filled with rich stories of legendary sorcerers and their great deeds. Paralleling those heroic tales, are written accounts of malevolent wizards who terrorized the provinces with equal power. Good or evil? Magicka refuses to be named accordingly. It is the intent with which the power is used that defines its effects.

Therefore, this knowledge should be collected and preserved, studied and protected. Contained within these pages are all the known--and even the forgotten--spells of Tamriel.