Bone Orchard Research Log 5

Author (in-game): Ethruin

One of our excavation teams dug up an enormous skull. Unlike those on the surface, it practically glows with magicka. Its depth and placement make us hopeful that it is the guardian the spinner spoke of.

Attempts are being made to awaken it, though the wards continue to make our efforts difficult. Some of my initiates are working on a way to damage a large portion of the tree at once.

If our calculations are correct, this will weaken the wards enough to get a spell or two through. When this happens, I can only hope this skull is not so irritating as the last.

Pilgrims from Cormount discovered us today. We assumed the guise of a Mages Guild expedition and let them carry out their rites undisturbed. There was some question as to our use of skeletons—one of the pilgrims had heard of the Guild ban on necromancy—but concerns were easily dispelled.

I must write a treatise on necromancy and the Bosmer. Their people are not as perturbed as others by the sight of deceased relatives walking around performing menial tasks. Indeed, they experienced no small amount of pleasure seeing particularly lazy ancestors doing something constructive for a change.

Perhaps it is the lack of flesh, though I suspect it has more to do with the Bosmeri sense of humor.


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