Bone Orchard Research Log 3

Author: Ethruin

Initial tests indicate that the tree in the center of this place is, in fact, linked to the wards protecting the bones.

Injuring it by breaking off branches or cutting the trunk reduces the efficacy of the wards by an almost imperceptible degree.

Unfortunately, any damaged tissue is almost immediately regenerated. If we are to release the wards, we will have to find a more effective means of killing the tree.

I have segregated the initiates into a series of excavation teams. They will begin digging for the roots at once. Perhaps they will prove more vulnerable to our methods.

Meanwhile, our glowing skull has learned to speak. At first it was tolerable—simply requesting to be reunited with the bones it believes we have used to construct our skeletal minions.

When we did not comply, it began singing offensive tunes as loudly as it could—an impressive feat for a construct without lungs.

As we could find no easy way of destroying the skull, we have exiled it to the camp's perimeter. Perhaps if we leave it alone it will return to its dormant state.


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