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Bolvyn Venim, Redoran


Appeared in: TES3: Morrowind.

Bolvyn Venim was the Archmaster of House Redoran. He was a strong leader, and had done great things for House Redoran. He moved the council from mainland to Vvardenfell and took the share of the frontier lands.

Bolvyn Venim believed that the Nerevarine was fraud; he would not give the title of Redoran Hortator to the Nerevarine. Athyn Sarethi helped the Nerevarine to gain the supports from the rest of the councilors. This would force Bolvyn Venim to give the title to the Nerevarine or challenge the Nerevarine in an honorable duel. In the duel in Vivec Arena, Bolvyn Venim was killed by the Nerevarine.

Bolvyn Venim