Blue God’s Journal

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

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Day 1

The tribe demanded I prove myself as a hunter. They want me to trap some game and return to the Stronghold, probably for a celebratory feast. It shouldn’t be too hard. I already set up a snare by the water. Now I can just sit back and let the food come to me.

Day 2

My snare trap doesn’t seem to be working. I tied it to a stick just like they said. Clearly Lob gave me a flimsy rope. Either that or the sticks out here are no good. I don’t know how they expect me to hunt with such broken tools.

Day 3

It’s only been a few days, but I already feel like giving up. I’m hungry and I’ve gone through all the bread Atub gave me. By Malacath, they really expect me to die out here.

Day 5

The rabbits here are too nimble to chase down. I thought I could just grab one if I put some bait in my pockets, but problem is, I don’t have any bait. I shouldn’t have eaten all the carrots in my sack but I was starving.

Day 6

Malacath’s blessings, I’m alive! I found a cave south of my camp full of strange blue mushrooms, which I immediately ate. I remember Atub saying something about some mushrooms being poisonous, but I didn’t get sick so what does she know. Anyways, I ended up filling my sack with them. If I come back with a full stomach maybe I can convince the others we don’t need to hunt.

Day 7

I came back to Largashbur with my sack full of mushrooms and one by one they spit them out and mocked my hunting skills.

If that wasn’t humiliating enough, Chief Yamarz took a hammer and crushed the sack, then dumped the contents on my head. None of my tribe mates bothered to defend me, they just stood there and laughed.

Now Yamarz says I have to go back out there and catch something with some legs. It’s not fair. When’s the last time he caught anything?

Day 8

I’m so hungry. Hunting is impossible. Maybe I’ll just die. That’ll teach them to leave me out here alone.

Day 9

By Malacath, what just happened? I went back to the cave to pick some more mushrooms, when something must’ve tripped me because I fell into a pit.

I yelled out for help, but instead of getting rescued, I was quickly surrounded by a horde of green monsters, hissing and gnashing their teeth. I figured that was it. They were going to eat me.

But before I could scream, one of them dropped to his knees and started bowing! The others followed.

Could they be goblins? You never see them this far north. In any case, they seem to be treating me like an honored guest.

Day 11

Blessings of Malacath, it turns out they think I’m a god! They don’t seem to treat other Orcs the same, so it must be the blue stains on my face. I need to thank Yamarz for dumping that sack on my head. I think I’ll do that, right before I have my goblins claw open his face.

Day 15

My army grows by the day. Soon we’ll have enough numbers to overrun the Stronghold. For now I have them collecting blue mushrooms from Cyrodiil so I can maintain the ruse, although some of them might be starting to suspect.

The other day I think one of them saw me use a stick to spread blue paint on my back. I’ll need to keep a close eye on him.

Day 18

I figured out who it was that saw me, it’s that nasty little runt with the funny-looking spear. It seems he’s the hunter of the group. He reminds me of every Orc back at Largashbur who laughed in my face.

I tried to grab the spear from him but he must’ve done something to it because it was too heavy to lift. I don’t know if it’s Hircine or Malacath that’s protecting him, but he needs to learn that goblins only have one god. The Blue God. Me.

Day 21

The tunnel the goblins were using to come here from Cyrodiil’s collapsed. No matter. My army is nearly big enough to take the Stronghold, and once that’s done I can sell Yamarz’s things for a whole wagon full of paint. Before I do that though, I need to make an example of the non-believer.

Once he’s dealt with, it’ll show all the other goblins what happens when you question your god.

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