AFFresh: The Blue Devils

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Following the road north of Seyda Neen the player will encounter a falling wizard Tarhiel. Using either the Scroll you receive from Darvame or any other slowfall spell the player is able to prevent him from dieing in his fall.



I don't want to talk about it.


Prompting him again and he will finally be ready to speak up.



Thank you for saving me, (Race). I thought I was close, but it was just another miserable failure. How will I ever accomplish my life's work now?

Miserable failure: I'm cursed. I spent years perfecting the scrolls — oh, sorry, you don't know. I made scrolls with the most powerful jumping spell ever attempted. And they worked. Oh, they worked beautifully and for what seemed like minutes, I was on top of the world. Ha! Really above everything! What a feeling of joy and accomplishment! But the effect wore off prematurely. It's just one in a long line of failures.

-Ask about his other failures: There were so many! The last one was almost as bad as this one. Everyone knows that simple food preservation spell. If you enter an ancient ruin and see a loaf of bread, well, if it hasn't decayed it's been hit with a Preserve, and it's perfectly safe to eat? But you know how it makes the food kind of bland and chewy? Well, I thought, I thought, 'Why not chill it?' So I began working on a way to summon unusually warm Frost ATronachs.

-Ask what happened next: Well, I managed to summon some. But by warm, I meant their temperature, not their temper! They attacked me! Me, their summoner! Can you believe it? They hunt me still. It's made my life's work even harder, having to constantly move from place to place. But I don't want to bore you with my past. Thank you again for saving me.

Life's work: I want to do something so spectacular, so memorable, that people on Tamriel, on Nirn, on all of Mundus, Oblivion, and Aetherius shall talk about my deeds for years! Centuries!

Background: I come from a long line of dreamers. Some of my ancestors rival the greatest wizards, Syrabane, the Direnni, and Arctus, and yet so few have heard of any of them.

Latest Rumors: I don't know. I just arrived.

Little Advice: Don't chase your dreams. Just open up a shop, buy soul gems, enchant items, and sell them. Let the consequences fall on your customers. That's what I should have done. Maybe a cozy little shop in Caldera.

Little secret: Leaping htrought the sky was…fun! Even near the end, knowing I was about to die, it was fun. The view, the wind in my face… Even the cliff racers feared me.


After leaving conversation with Tarhiel one of these attronachs appear and attack. After killing it you can speak to Tarhiel again.



And now you have saved me from one of my other miserable failures. I don't know what to say.

Miserable failure: You killed it? I hate to ask more of you, but since you seem capable of dealing with my creations, would you mind being a decoy? I think they're tracking me by my enchanting amulet. If I give it to you, maybe they will go after you instead.

-Agree to be a decoy: Oh, this is such a relief. Please, take the amulet. Keep it if you want. It's more useful to someone new to the art of enchanting. If you wear that, I think the Chill Atronahcs will come after you instead. Probably when you least expect it. There are three more. If you manage to kill all three, I'll be staying at Arrille's Tradehouse. Oh, and don't read any scrolls they carry. They each stole one of my unfortunate experiments.

Asking again: The blue devils will just pop up when you least want to fight them. Since I'm in Seyda Neen, they're mostly going to be around the Bitter Coast or Ascadian Isles. Oh, and I've never been attacked indoors. I can sleep safely at night, at least.


Tarhiel gives the player an amulet Enchanter's friend which will attrack the Chill Attronachs. Over time they will spawn and the player will deal with them one at a time. Each has one of the following experiments


*Scroll of Ghost Form: Casts resist normal weapons 50% but weakness to all magic by 50%

*Scroll of Spectral Army: Summons a group of six Ancestor Ghosts that will attack you.

*Scroll of Single Blow: Summons a mace and increases strenght 100 for 5 seconds enough for a single blow.

*Scroll of Heroic Speed: Fortifies Atheletics by 500 but also drains fatigue.


After dealing with them all return to Tarhiel for your reward.



Miserable Failure: Yes, that's all of them. I guess they didn't like being warmer. While you've been gone, I've been perfecting my scrolls. Behold, a Scroll of Spring-Heeled Victory! I've been making them as fast as I get soulgems, and I think it's time I left Seyda Neen and started breaking the silt strider monopoly. Thanks again…uh…I never did get your name.


The player is then given a slightly improved version of Icarian Flight called Scroll of Spring-Heeled Victory which fortifies acrobatics to 1000 for 7 seconds, use at your own risk.


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