TES3 Bloodmoon: The Bloodmoon Prophecy (Side with the Skaal)

Released In:


Korst Wind-Eye

:Bloodmoon Prophecy:
"It is time we spoke of this. The legend tells of a time that occurs once in each era, when a demon god will walk the land in the company of his Hounds, creatures of terrible might. He is The Hunter, and his coming is preceded by three signs. I had prayed that I had misread the signs, misunderstood the prophecy, but I am sure it is not so."

:three signs:
"The first tells of Fire From the Eye of Glass. This we have seen on Lake Fjalding, though I had hoped it was the mere magic of the draugr lord. Next, the prophecy tells us of the Tide of Woe. Even now, our shores are lined with the corpses of the horkers, dead for a reason we cannot fathom. Finally, the prophecy tells us of the Bloodmoon, when the young moon itself runs red with the blood of the Hunter's prey. Look to the skies, Blodskaal. The third sign is upon us. Now we wait for the Hunter's Game."

:Hunter's Game:
"According to legend, it varies from era to era. Our Grandfathers' Grandfathers tell of a time when the Hunter and his Hounds preyed upon entire tribes of men. Taken to the Hunting Grounds, the men were hunted by the Hounds. The ones that died were the lucky--the survivors faced the Hunter himself. In another era, the Hunter took only a single man as his Prey. It is said if the Prey can last through the Bloodmoon, the Hunter returns to his demon realm for another era. We have only to await the Hunter's plan."

:Hunter's plan:
"There is little to be done until he lets it be known to us. Certainly it will not be long. I fear for our people, Blodskaal. There is little I can do to protect them in these times. I have only to pray to the All-Maker that he watches over us and keeps us from the Hunter's grasp."

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