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The Blade of Rahni'Za

Librarian Comment: 

This book does not appear in the live version of Elder Scrolls Online. In the data it is split into two identically named books, one being the first three pragraphs and the other the rest.

Rahni'Za is the spirit of the blade.

All who seek to master its arts must reforge the great sword of legend, broken into four parts—hilt, pommel, blade, and gem.

Only when the sword is made whole will the spirit of the blade be awakened within you.

The way of the Sword-Disciple is three-fold.

The Way of the Body is the strength to defeat what lies ahead. The Way of the Mind is to discover the path. The Way of the Spirit is to forge the blade anew. Achieve all three and the Master will appear.

[A former trial taker has scrawled notes in the margins:]

List of Components:
Hilt - Where is it? I have to find the last part!
- Pommel - Acquired
- Blade - Acquired
- Gem - Acquired