Blackwood Chapter: Recommended Reading

June 1, 2021
Written by: Benefactor

The Imperial Library has added nearly 140 new books from the latest Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online - Blackwood. To prepare yourself for the chapter we have put together a small list of spoiler free books that help to introduce and expand upon the lore of the Blackwood region which includes the major cities of Leyawiin and Gideon.

Books relating to Leyawiin and Imperials:

Traveler's Guide to Leyawiin
An Interview with Countess Caro
On the Chamber of Legates
On the Ivory Brigade
Pirates of Topal Bay
Notes of Lovirithel the Sage
A Legionary's History of Fort Redmane
The Feast of Saint Coellicia

Books relating to Gideon and Argonians:

Traveler's Guide to Gideon
Tribes of Blackwood
Chimes of Silver
Gift of the Lilmothiit
The Making of Wading-Nests
On Marsh Giants: A Study

Books about Daedra and Dagon:

Leovic's Great Spirits Proclamation
The Order of the Waking Flame
Havocrel: Strangers from Oblivion

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